Is Bastion Removed From Overwatch 2? All You Need To Know

After being unable to spot Bastion in Overwatch 2, several players are wondering to know why is he being removed from the game. It has been more than a week since Overwatch 2 is released but fans are disappointed as they are unable to spot Bastion. As per the available information, Blizzard has removed him following a bug that was being exploited. Here is more about where Bastion is in Overwatch 2 and why he has been removed from Overwatch 2.

For Overwatch 2, it has been the smoothest launch. What has settled best with the users is that it is entirely free to play and it now doesn’t require a phone number for players who are returning from Overwatch 1.

Nonetheless, the players are also reporting some major glitches and bugs. Following these bugs and issues, two game heroes are being taken aback and this hasn’t settled well for the players. The developers are working to fix these bugs and we think the heroes will soon join the game.

Here is the reason why Bastion is being removed from Overwatch 2 and whether or not he is returning to the game.

Why Is Bastion Removed From Overwatch 2?

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For the fans of Bastion, there is bad news! The hero is being removed from the game entirely. This hero is not available in any of the gameplay modes. Besides Bastion, Torbjörn has also been removed from everywhere except Quick Play.

The news of removing these two heroes was shared by the official Twitter account of Overwatch. The game was revealed in their latest Twitter post:

“Bastion and Torbjörn will be taking a quick trip to the workshop while we iron out a few bugs in their ability kits! Bastion will be unavailable in all modes during this time, while Torbjörn will still be playable in Quick Play.”

The game is facing a lot of challenges currently. Even after removing these two heroes, another bug has made an entry that has locked several characters for the players. Players reported this bug during an hour’s worth of downtime on October 10th.

What Has Happened To Bastion In Overwatch 2?

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Unfortunately, Bastion is being removed from Overwatch 2 in order to restrict the players from exploiting an OP bug. As per the information that we have found, the hero is not available in any gameplay mode. But we are hoping to see it back in the game soon.

Several people, who are unaware of this intentional withdrawal of Bastion and Torbjorn, are yelling at Blizzard to undo it.

According to the information shared by Charlieintel the OP Bug turned the OW2 hero’s ‘Ultimate into an overpowered Call of Duty killstreak‘.

As the character’s Ultimate lets players send three Artillery Strikes, the bug has enabled the players to send as many Artillery Strikes as they want until the time runs out.

Though Blizzard has reported that the Heroes will take a quick trip to the workshop, there is no detailed information about when exactly are they coming back to the game.

Fans who are missing these heroes have taken it to Twitter to ask Blizzard about their return. One person wrote, “What is going on at Blizzard now???”

Another said, “Can’t play almost any of my mains”.

The current scenario reveals that this wasn’t the launch that the players were expecting. With the glitches, errors, and now the heroes took aback, nothing has settled well for the players. Players are expressing their disappointment over Twitter and other social media platforms.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about why is Bastion being removed from Overwatch 2 and when will it come back to the game. How was your experience of playing Overwatch 2 for more than a week now? Let us know your feedback in the comment box provided below.

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