Pico From Friday Night Funkin — Antagonist Of Week 3

Pico From Friday Night Funkin is the second guest character of FNF which was added on 11th of December 2020. This character was created by Tom Fulp while Kawai Sprite has given voice to this gingered hair character. Let’s discover more about this angry little friend from From Friday Night Funkin.

Being released in November 2020, the musical rhythm game Friday Night Funkin has become immensely popular among players from all around the world. This popular Kickstarter game is all about competing in rapping contests.

The game theme is quite interesting, in order to date his “Girlfriend” the lead character “Boyfriend” has to battle with various characters including his Girlfriend’s Mom, dad and with Monsters also. Some guest characters are also being added in order to spice up the game field. These guest characters include Skid and Pump, Pico, Tankman and Whitty.

Today’s post will shade light on the angry little guest character “Pico” from the Friday Night Funkin. Keep scrolling!

Who Is Pico From Friday Night Funkin

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The fan’s favorite character “Pico” is a grumpy little human that has become massively popular around Newgrounds. If you haven’t seen him so far, he is a young, light-skinned man having ginger hair. With distinctive white eyes having no pupils make him look a little fierce.

You will find him wearing a green shirt, beige pants, and a pair of maroon sneakers with orange laces. He also holds a gun in one hand while he carries a microphone in his other hand with his thumb pointing out.

Recently, he was seen during the last track of Week 7, where he was squatting on top of the speakers where Girlfriend normally sits on. Pico normally sits with pair of guns twirling around in gaudy manner.

Pico was originally created by Newgrounds’ founder Tom Fulp in 1999. He first appeared in the Pico’s School which is a point-and-click Flash game created by Tom Fulp in 1999. Pico’s School was a quite popular game at that time so Pico quickly became popular among players.

How Old Is Pico From Friday Night Funkin

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After appearing in the Pico’s School, he was then appointed as the site’s first mascot. Later he made other cameo appearances in various Newgrounds flash films and games. Since then, he has remained a popular character so far.

Surprisingly, Newgrounds also observes a holiday named after “Pico” and the holiday is known as “Pico Day”. On this day Newgrounds celebrates all the popular figures in the Newgrounds community. It is usually celebrated on the 30th of April which is also the birthday of founder Tom Fulp. Born in April 1999, Pico is currently 22 years old.

Initially, Pico was named “Pogo” but when Tom Fulp realized that the domain Pogo.com was already taken, he changed his name to Pico. Fulp decided on the name “Pico” after being inspired by a character from RPG Cosmic Fantasy 2, 1991.

How Tall Is Pico Fnf

In the game Friday Night Funkin, Pico is hired by the Girlfriend’s father (Daddy Dearest) to kill Boyfriend as he humiliated Daddy Dearest in their Week 1 sing-off. After encountering with Boyfriend, Pico gets to know that he is someone who he knew once so, he spares the Boyfriend and challenges him for a rap battle.

Pico returns in week seven’s Final track “stress”. During the scene, he jumps down from the sky and kills the two Tankmen who were holding the Girlfriend at gunpoint. Tankman has described him as Boyfriend’s “sexually ambiguous, angry little friend” during the cutscene of week seven.

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Bottom Line

Pico, the boyfriend’s little angry friend was added into the game as collaboration with Tom Fulp. Furthermore, Pico is confirmed to be a playable character in future.

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