How To Play Fnf Week 7 — Here’s All You Need To Know

Players of the popular music rhythm game have entered into a new week of Friday night Funkin and here is How To Play Fnf Week 7.

The game of competing freestyle music battles has become massively popular among players from all around the world. If you haven’t heard about it earlier then, it is a popular Kickstarter game released in November 2020.

This trendy online game is programmed by ninjamuffin99 while PhantomArcade3K and Evilsk8r are the masterminds behind its design and art. Being an open-source game, it has plenty of fan-made MODs.

Due to these fan-made MODs, Friday Night Funkin is quite easy to play. Accessing the game is as simple as tapping a link. You don’t have to download any game files. All you have to do is open any popular game portal using your mobile browser and then tap on the game. You can easily play the game this way.

Currently, users are probing to know How To Play Fnf Week 7 as this new week has just arrived inside the game.

How To Get Week 7 On Fnf

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This game is all about competing in rapping contests. The lead character, known inside game as “boyfriend” has to defeat various characters in order to date his “girlfriend.” Other characters include Daddy Dearest, Mommy Mearest, Monster and Spirit. Beside them, we have some guest characters like Skid and Pump, Pico, Tankman and Whitty.

With every new week, new songs are added for the players to complete. Like some other online games, Friday Night Funkin also enables the players to play the songs on any of three (easy, medium, or hard) levels.

The more difficult level you choose to play, the more difficult patterns you will have to face. Further, players also have the option to play “free mode” if they don’t want to follow the weekly structure. This enables the players to play the battle on the songs of their own choice.

So far, Fnf has rolled 6 weekly structures for the players. Week one is named as “Daddy Dearest” that featured the song “Bopeebo”, “Fresh”, and “Dad Battle”. In this week the boyfriend has to convince his girlfriend’s father (an ex-rock star) by defeating him in the music battle.

Second week is titled as “Spooky Month” and it the songs “South”, “Spookeez”, and “Monster”. In this spooky weekly challenge, boyfriend has to defeat the lemon-shaped head, referred inside game as monster.

Third week’s featured songs are “Pico”, “Philly Nice”, and “Blammed”. In this weekly pattern boyfriend has to battle against “Pico”. Next comes the fourth week where boyfriend has to battle against Girlfriend’s mother and the featured songs are “Satin Panties”, High, and M.I.L.F”

How To Play Week 7 Fnf Without Newgrounds

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To complete the fifth (Red sow) challenge, boyfriend has to battle both of his girlfriend’s parents. It features the songs “Winter Horrorland”, “Cocoa” and “Eggnog”. In the sixth week, lead character has to battle with “Senpai” who also wants to date his girlfriend. Songs for this week are “Senpai”, “Roses”, and “Thorns”.

Finally the in the latest week, week 7 of fnf, boyfriend has to battle against Tankman also known as John Captain, who is a military man. The title of this week is “Tankman” while the featured songs are “Ugh”, “Guns”, and “Stress”.

As of now, it is being reported by players that the Newgrounds server is experiencing issues so, week seven is unplayable. We just hope that issue will be resolved very soon.

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Final Thoughts

This was all about the trendiest game, Friday Night Funkin and its weekly challenges. We just hope that you have got your answer to How To Play Fnf Week 7.

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