Price Of Overwatch 2 Battle Pass – All You Need To Know

Overwatch 2 will be arriving on Console and PC on 04 October 2022 and players are anxious to know the price of Overwatch 2 Battle Pass. If you are among these players looking for the price of the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass, here’s everything you need to know.

For its free-to-play seasonal content, Overwatch 2 is bringing a Battle Pass for its progression System.  The Battle Pass will provide players with a linear series of unlocks with the passage of time, as they go on to play the game.

We are going to overview everything in-depth about Overwatch 2 Battle Pass in terms of its pricing and rewards and other unlocks. There would be details about Overwatch 2 battle pass price, types of recompenses that you expect, and much more.

As per the game developers, there will guilds system and they will also arrange tournaments for Overwatch 2. Legendary skins will be made available through this battle pass.

Furthermore, the Watchpoint Pack will arrive alongside several elements ranging from virtual currency and skins just like it was previously available to fans. Also, the developers will be making changes to currently available heroes but would not introduce any new heroes.

Here is a lot more information about the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass, its Price, and all other essential details so do not miss any part while reading.

Price Of Overwatch 2 Battle Pass

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Overwatch 2 is going to launch its seasonal content later this year. They are proposing some popular seasonal content and it going to remain for nine weeks meaning that players will be buying a new Overwatch 2 Battle Pass every couple of months.

The Overwatch 2 Battle Pass will further offer fans a lot of variety of cosmetic rewards across 100 distinct unlock tiers. Players will be able to achieve these tiers by completing gameplay challenges and by earning XP.

Based on the information available to us, players can earn XP boost consumables as rewards from the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass which would be used to boost further progression.

In this Overwatch 2 Battle Pass there will be a free and premium track that players can grab rewards from.

Further, the Free Track is available to every player which will offer lesser and basic cosmetic items. On the other hand, Premium Track will be required to buy to get rewards and benefits that include more exclusive and glamorous cosmetics.

There is a doubt regarding the Battle Pass Price and its expiry whether it will expire or not and what would be the exact price as developers have not talked about it. A temporary battle pass will prevent players from fully completing a battle pass whereas the battle pass that does not expire will allow fans to continue making progress even beyond the season.

There is no such news available regarding Overwatch 2 Battle Pass price, but it is expected that it will cost around $ 10 US because previous passes were priced at this level and it is further believed that developers would not deviate from this settled norm.

What Is The Price Of Overwatch 2 Battle Pass – Explained

Image Of What Is The Price Of Overwatch 2 Battle Pass

Let’s dig into the Battle Pass price that’s currently up for preorder online and as per the available information, the price would not be beyond $ 10 US.

Fans will be getting the following items through this battle pass:

  • Season 1 Premium Battle Pass
  • 2 x Legendary Space Raider Hero Skins
  • 2000 Overwatch 2 Virtual Currency, which can be exploited to progress towards the next season of Overwatch 2.
  • Immediately receive Overwatch: Legendary Edition upon purchase

The pricing is not fixed but we have reason to believe that the pricing model would not be too far off how much 1000 VC will cost. Most probably they will offer discounts on bulk buying, and that time will tell. 

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It was all about Overwatch 2 Battle Pass price, we are assuming that we have covered up every detail that you were looking for.

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