TikTok Users Predicted Queen’s Death Months Ago – Bizarre Claims

TikTok users claim that they predicted Queen’s death a month ago. After the Queen’s death, several TikTok users have come up with bizarre conspiracies. Some are been talking about her reincarnation of the Queen while others argue that they were aware of her majesty’s death way before she passed away.

TikTok is the go-to platform if you want to witness some bizarre conspiracies. From time travelers to zombies and sea mermaids, TikTok has reported several weird theories on the app.

After the Queen’s death, users are again in a race for fake claims. Just yesterday, users reported that the Queen will reincarnate as Trisha Paytas’s baby and now they are here with a new claim explaining they predicted the Queen’s death months ago.

The theory that claimed Queen to be incarnated as Trisha Paytas’s baby is already being rejected by several users and now it is time to unveil the reality behind another conspiracy that revolves around the Majesty.

TikTokers Claim That They Predicted Queen’s Death Months Ago

Image Of TikTokers Claim That They Predicted Queen’s Death Months Ago

It is not a surprise to witness weird conspiracies on TikTok. The video-sharing app is known for its controversial content alongside the TikTok dance challenges and trends.

The recent conspiracies have booked the late Queen Elizabeth. The entire world is mourning the loss of her majesty but TikTok is on its own tangent.

While all other users are busy sending prayers and messages of condolences for the Queen’s family, a few users have posted videos claiming that they already were aware of the British monarch’s passing.

The TikTok handle that started it all goes as @hannahcarrollxxx on TikTok. This TikTok user has over 90,000 followers on the video-sharing app. In the viral video, the Tiktok content creator shared her list of predictions for the year 2022.

She had ticked all the predictions that became true previously and the prediction of Queen’s passing was also there.

While showing the list to her followers, the video creator said, “This is number 11 correct on the 2022 prediction list”.

Some other predictions on her prediction list for 2022 were, ‘Kim and Pete breakup,’ ‘beyonce album,’ ‘Rihanna pregnancy,’ ‘harry styles’ album, and more.

Well, @hannahcarrollxxx is not the only content creator who claimed to know about Queen’s death earlier. Another TikTok user who has come forward is ‘dyshaunlavelle‘. @dyshaunlavelle  has stitched his current video with one of his videos from 2019 where he claimed that the Queen will pass away in 2022, and he also revealed the exact date of her majesty’s passing.

@dyshaunlavelle also showed an old Tweet from a Twitter account titled Logan Smith. The Tweet read,

“Update: The Queen dies September 8, 2022, and King Charles dies March 28, 2026.”

TikTok Predictions About Queen’s Death

Image Of TikTok Predictions About Queen’s Death

Another user who addressed Queen’s passing in his TikTok video is ‘Zulfeh’. In his video, he featured a page from French physician Nostradamus’ book The Complete Prophecies for The Future 2006 iteration. The title on page 96 reads, ‘Succession to the UK Throne.’ A paragraph from the same book predicts the Queen’s death.

Several other TikTok users have joined this conspiracy that is currently viral on the video-sharing app.

Although all the claims seem to be legit we cannot confirm whether they are just tricks to garner likes and shares or are based on truth.

For now, the Queen’s coffin is expected to depart from the Balmoral estate in the coming days. And the funeral is expected to take place in Westminster Abbey.

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The Final Words

This was all about how the TikTok Users Predicted Queen’s Death Months Ago. What’s your opinion about these viral social media theories? Is it possible to predict someone’s death? Let us know in the comment box below.

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