Raven In Fortnite — Here’s How To Unlock Raven Skin

If you are looking to get Raven In Fortnite, then you have opened the most relevant article. Keep reading to know all details about how the Raven Skin can be accessed in Fortnite.

Fortnite players have rushed towards the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass. This season they will have opportunity to score a Raven skin from Teen Titans. Besides the Raven skin several other items have also been added to the 100-man Battle Royale.

Several in game changing have also been made, that include some new weapons and the changes in the Fortnite map. Additionally, several new characters and skins have also made their way to Fortnite.

Among all these changes and additions, the Raven skin from the Teen Titans series stands out. Here is how this legendary skin can be unlocked inside the battlefield.

What Is Raven In Fortnite

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Raven basically is an American fictional superhero that appears mostly in the comic books published by DC Comics. This also is the main character of the Teen Titans series. After appearing in various cartoon television shows and films, Raven has finally made her way to Fortnite.

Players can now obtain her by achieving a high rank in the battle pass. After reaching Rank 77 in the Battle Pass, players will be able to earn Raven skin. This isn’t yet! Once you reach Rank 85, you will be able to lay your hands over Classic Raven skin.

You will also be able to unlock Raven’s alter-ego Rachel Roth and an unlockable skin during the battle. Let’s discover how the Raven Skin can be unlocked in Fortnite.

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How To Get Raven Skin In Fortnite

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To unlock the legendary skin, you have to follow the below steps,

Firstly, players will need to load Fortnite on any of the platforms they like. Once you have commenced the game, move towards the Battle Pass section in the main menu. Following this, you have to purchase the Season 6 Battle Pass. Now, you have to play and complete the challenges until you reach rank 77. This is where you will be able to use the Raven skin.

Though it isn’t simple to reach rank 77 but that won’t be much complicated as well. Considering this, we can conclude that Epic Games has made it simple to pick the Raven Skin in season 6. The only worrisome thing is that you will need to purchase the Season 6 Battle Pass to obtain this exclusive skin.

Where Is Raven In Fortnite

Quite similar to Lara Croft skin, Raven skin also has some more options to choose from. Players can unlock three Raven skins by progressing in the game. These three skins include, Rebirth Raven, next is Raven (Classic), and the last outfit is Rachel Roth. As explained earlier, Rebirth Raven can be unlocked after reaching the tier 77 in the Battle Pass.

Raven Classic will be made available for players once they reach tier 85 in the Battle Pass. Lastly, Rachel Roth can be unlocked after completing all the epic quests from the season 6. Here it is important to note that, all these three skins are worth grabbing.

Though Raven skin is not much praised by the players, it is one of the rarest skins of Fortnite. Furthermore, it is available at the Item Shop for 2,000 V-Bucks, yet again it is seen rarely in the items shop too. Being able to unlock the skins by pushing the ranks, it seems like Season 6 is going to be the best season so far.

Bottom Line

This was all about Raven skin In Fortnite. Hopefully this article has provided all information you needed to know.

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