Willa Scam — Is Willa App Legit? [April 2021]

Freelancers from all around the world are probing to know, Is Willa Scam or a legit portal. If you are among those people then you have reached the most related site. Keep reading and get to know all details about Willa App.

Willa App was designed after observing that the payment process between freelancers and brands was completely broken. As half of the freelancers face problems while getting paid, Willa hoped into the race to simplify the payment methods for freelancers. This application is currently available on App Store. So far it has racked up a total of 3.8 stars from the freelancers community.

As this application is quite new in the race, people are reluctant to rely on it. Let’s explore more to know whether this application is a legit one or not.

What Is Willa App

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Willa is a new mobile application that has been designed to help freelancers get paid faster. If you are a freelancer then all you need to do is get the app and forget about your worries. This application will enable you to get paid according to your terms. It further claims to help you remove the paperwork and makes it easier for you to collect payments.

The application works in a prompt manner and once you have completed a job; you have to enter the details of work, the amount you are going to get, and the details of the employer. Willa will contact your employer on your behalf and issues the paperwork.

If any freelancer wants to get paid earlier than the corporation’s standard terms, which is often from 30-90 days, then Willa will pay you directly against a small fee. The purpose behind this is to enable freelancers to get more predictable income, protect their credit scores, and pay their bills on time.

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Is Willa A Scam?

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In order to check the legitimacy of application, we went through all the customer reviews on the App store. Most of the users seem satisfied with its work process, while there are very few who are not completely satisfied with its performance.

One user has declared it the best application for your payment clearance. He has written, “Life is so much easier with Willa”. He also has talked about the design and User Interface of the Willa application. Here is what he thinks about the app’s design and UI. “

The app itself is easy to use and has a beautifully designed interface, not to mention outstanding customer service by a company who is passionate about what they’ve created. 1000% recommend to those self-employed in need of quick and easy payment between collaborations!”

Though most of the users are happy with its performance, some are complaining about the traffic on this site. Complaining about the web traffic one user wrote, “Is something wrong with the app every time I try and get on it, I get told that it’s a lot of traffic on the app and they are working hard to keep it up.”

After going through the review section we can finally say that Willa is a legit app. It is specially designed for freelancers to make their payment processes faster, simpler and better.

While talking about the competitors of Willa App, CEO Kristofer Sommestad has said that the financial services are mostly provided by massive companies like PayPal and Intuit. But they do not focus on solving the core problems of freelancers.

Final Verdict

After probing in all possible ways, we have come to the conclusion that Willa App isn’t a scam. It is a legit application that is functional since October 2019. You can share your experience in the below comment box if you have already used this application.

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