Snowman Fortnite Skin — Here’s How To Get It For Free

As winter season is here, Fortnite has given its players an amazing opportunity to grab Snowman Fortnite Skin for free. If you are searching to know how the skin can be accessed then you have opened the most relevant article. Keep reading and get to know all the easy hacks to have this amazing Snowman Fortnite Skin in your accessories stock.

Fortnite has welcomed its users with snow and new NPC boss on the island this Christmas season. Snowmando the NPC boss has just landed on the island and is getting all the spot lights. Users can now find him on the map and they can also unlock the skin for free.

Snowmando is just a new version of snowman that is wearing a beefcake suit. With the latest game update, players can now find him on the mountains. Once you are able to locate him, you will can buy The Big Chill Exotic weapon or acquire some other quests as well.

To get the Snowman Fortnite skin you have to complete the Nine Snowmando Challenges. You will get to know all the 9 challenges in the proceeding paragraphs.

What Is Snowman Fortnite Skin

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As the Christmas eve is right next at the corner, Fortnite’s celebrations have also begun. Just like last year’s Winterfest, this year again the players can experience some changes to the map. To rejoice this most awaited event Fortnite has enabled the users to unlock Snowmando skin for free.

You can consider the great NPC boss as the star for this Christmas because it is here with The Big Chill Exotic weapon, along with other quests. To unlock the skin, players have to complete a set of Christmas – specific challenges. Once you complete the challenges, the great Snowmando will be added to your stock.

How To Get Snowman Fortnite Skin

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Here is the list of challenges that players have to complete in order to unlock the skin,

  • Players have to Visit Different Snowmando Outposts (1)
  • You have to Deal the Damage With Lever Action Rifle (100)
  • Celebrate the Christmas spirit by Dancing at different Holiday trees (5)
  • You should be Placed at Top 10 with friends in squads (3)
  • You need to Destroy Nutcracker statues (5)
  • Gamers have to Travel 5000 meters in X-4 Stormwings (5000)
  • Shoot down your opponent structures with X-4 Stormwings (10)
  • Gold Bars are precious So, Collect Some Gold Bars (100)
  • You also have to Catch a Snowy Flopper (1)
  • Be a responsible player by Reviving a player in different matches (3)
  • Players need to Hide inside a Sneaky Snowmando in different matches (3)
  • Stoke a campfire (2)
  • Also Deal damage at Snowmando outposts (250)
  • You have to Use Chiller Launcher to apply icy feet to opponents (10)

Players will notice some amazing additions while completing these challenges. Snowy Floppers and Lever Action Rifles are the new items for this snowy season. You will also notice some location-based challenges making a comeback. If the players are able to complete 12 missions then they will get the Frost Squad unlocked.

Players should also note that Snowmando will only be available from December 18th, 2020 to January 5th, 2021. Therefore, do not waste your time and get all the challenges complete before the event finishes.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the new Operation Snowdown event in Fortnite. Hope the article has provided ample information to help you complete this event. We would suggest you to take the challenge as soon as possible because it’s not going to stay longer. Wish you good luck with the event!

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