SWTOR Nightlife Event 2021 — A Step-By-Step Guide

BioWare is back with the summer gambling event titled SWTOR Nightlife Event 2021. This event will be live for players from June 29th till August 10th. Here’s how you can complete the event to earn exclusive rewards.

The SWTOR Nightlife Event is a time-bounded event in Star Wars: The Old Republic that comes live every year in summers. It comes with exclusive in-game rewards that can be earned by completing the event in defined time slot. Players must have knowledge of the tasks and locations that are needed to be explored and completed in order to clean sweep the event.

If you have no idea where to begin, stick to this post because this whole article is dedicated to enlightening you with all the details required to complete the event.

What Is SWTOR Nightlife Event

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The SWTOR Nightlife Event enables the players to participate in various missions and gamble using the in-game currency. Players can gamble on virtual slots to earn unlimited game prizes. This time-bounded event has just begun yesterday and it will be available for players till 10th August.

If you participated in the event last year, you must be aware that it expanded its territories. This year also, it will be available in both Nar Shaddaa and Mek-Sha.

Along with the starter missions, this year you will find several new missions that will reward you with casino chips, credits and XP/Renown. You may also be entitled with some new rewards as a random win or random purchase from the prize vendors.

To begin with the event, you have to watch the cinematics, one for Republic and one for Empire. Note that, you don’t have to watch the cinematics from the Fleet terminals. Instead, simply travel to Nar Shaddaa’s casinos.

For both the factions, the intro mission is titled as Nar Shaddaa Nightlife. To complete it, you will need to go to the event vendors located at the casino on Nar Shaddaa. As soon as you get them the event will be auto-complete. Upon completion of this mission, you will earn 5 Smuggler’s Casino Chips and the usual XP/Renown.

For Republic players, the event is originally hosted on Nar Shaddaa — the Club Vertica Casino while for Empire citizens it is on the Star Cluster Casino. The new location added on Mek-Sha is the bazaar present in the Three Points Zone.

To reach the Club Vertica Casino, Republic players should use their starship to travel to Nar Shaddaa. Then, head towards the Lower Promenade to reach your destination. The same is for Empire citizens to get to the Star Cluster Casino.

How To Participate In SWTOR Nightlife Event

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To Participate In SWTOR Nightlife Event players have option to play on three different slot machines available in all the casinos. You will be required to playing on the machines according to the chips required for each of the machines. You can play on the following slots,

Smuggler’s Luck Slots — these are the green ones

Kingpin’s Bounty Slots — these are the purple ones

Emperor’s Grace Slot — these are one with a Hutt statue next to it.

To be able to play on the slots provided above, you must have chips, quite similar to ones used in real-life casinos. Players can purchase the green and blue chips from the Casino Cashier droids available on the casino floor.

The Smuggler’s Casino Chip will cost you 2k Credits and it can be played on Green slots. Similarly, the Kingpin’s Casino Chip costs 75k Credits and can be used on Purple slots. The last, Emperor’s Casino Chip is the special one that can only be used on Emperor’s Grace slot.

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Bottom Line

There also are some special missions in the SWTOR Nightlife Event 2021. Among these the most interesting one is “Counterfeit Tokens: Mek-Sha”. This mission will introduce you to the Nightlife on Mek-Sha and you can also earn chips and and some additional credits upon completing them.

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