Time Traveler From 3036 TikTok — The Weird Traveler

A weird Traveler from TikTok is claiming to travel into time and is revealing shocking stories about the year 3036. If you have encountered any of the videos rolled by this strange traveler, you need to read this post till the end.

Besides being the hub of entertainment, we have also noticed many bizarre trends and videos on the video-sharing app TikTok. If you are live on this video-sharing app, you might also have witnessed hundreds of conspiracy theories and weird stories. In past the stories like “The Zombie Woman” and “Unico Sobreviviente” created chaos on the platform.

The first described case was of an injured woman who resembled a zombie while the later was a traveler who claimed to have opened his eyes in the year 2017. He further claimed that there was no one in the city except him, the humanity was extinguished and he was the only survivor.

Resembling the later story, another weird account is flaunting on the Chinese video-sharing app. This account works under the title “á„‚IVΣ YӨЦЯ á„‚IΣ” and he claims to be living in the year 3036. This bizarre TikToker has offered a chilling warning about life in the future. What is the warning? Let’s find out.

Who Is Time Traveler From 3036 On TikTok

Image Of Who Is Time Traveler From 3036 On TikTok

The Time Traveler From 3036 is a weird TikTok user who claims to be living in the year 3036. In the videos he rolled, he claims that the human population will reach record levels in the year 3036. He further told his followers that they are “As free as they will ever be’ right now, painting a grim picture of what the future has in store.

He also talks about something called “Blackout” in his viral videos. In one of his strange videos, he stares directly into the camera saying “You’re as free as you’re ever gonna get, right now,” The time traveler further says, “These are considered the last days of freedom, your kids won’t even see it, so suck it up, because as simple-minded as your time period is, you got it pretty good, you just don’t know it.”

As the followers came to know about the world’s population reaching extreme limits, his followers asked about the number of people. He answered, “Just over two billion people.” Following this, he started making predictions about ‘the big blackout’. With a deep breath, he says, “The big blackout, if I’m not mistaken, happens in December 2052.”

Live Your Life Time Traveler TikTok

Image Of Live Your Life Time Traveler TikTok

While further explaining the blackout he says, “Basically, everything goes dark for upwards of five years, the internet, the power, it all gets disconnected, on account of what’s called ‘the terrors’, but many speculate otherwise.

“Anyway, five years, its turmoil, riots, you name it, and it’s pretty much the worst of times. “It takes them upwards to 20 years to get the power back online, and even then it’s absolute chaos.

The TikToker further explains “Believe it or not, our zoo consists of animals like dogs and cats, rabbits, squirrels – these are considered exotic animals.

“All of the larger species, like lions and tigers, cat species, the larger ones, elephants, they’re all gone. The larger species no longer exist.”

The weird man also says that people will put more work into renewable energy in the upcoming years. Also, there won’t be enough jobs for the faint-hearted. “We’ve got large areas, hundreds of miles, thousands of miles, all designated to wind turbines, reflective mirrors, and solar panels,” he further explained.

“It’s one of the few remaining jobs left for residents, but it’s also the most dangerous.”

Final Thoughts

This was all about the mysterious story of the Time Traveler From the year 3036. The truth behind all his stories will be proved only in the years to come. Let’s wait till then!

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