Tower Of Fantasy Gift Codes And How To Redeem – Explained

The new Tower Of Fantasy Gift Codes are now available and players are looking for the details about how to redeem them. If you are among the players looking for ways to redeem the codes or are searching for the codes, we have got your back. Here is everything you need to know about the available Tower Of Fantasy Gift Codes and how to redeem them. Stay tuned!

Till 11th August there are a few Tower Of Fantasy Gift Codes available to redeem for those who are lucky enough to find server space and start their adventures.

For all Android, iOS, and PC users there is an entire process for garnering new loot and there also are several freebies to available across all platforms.

Although you may find it a little difficult but it won’t take long before you will get to redeem new Tower of Fantasy Codes every month.

Here is all the available Tower Of Fantasy Gift Codes for August and how you can redeem to bag some amazing gifts.

How To Redeem Tower Of Fantasy Gift Codes?

Image Of How To Redeem Tower Of Fantasy Gift Codes

To redeem the Tower Of Fantasy Gift Codes you will have to follow the below steps.

You will first be required to complete the game’s tutorial. This part is a bit confusing as you don’t easily get to know whether or not it has ended. You won’t be able to understand until a new set of options pop up on your screen. These have red buttons next to them so, you can spot them using these buttons easily.

Once you have finished this part of the game, you can now access the Gift/Rewards button located at the top right corner of your screen.

Following this, you will get another set of options. Click on the exchange button located at the bottom of the menu.

Following the above steps, it will be possible for the players to select the Redeem Tower of Fantasy Code option. Choose any code of your choice and confirm the selection.

By repeating all the above steps, you can redeem all the August Gift codes that are currently available to redeem.

Keep in mind that some of the offered codes may expire in the near future, so redeem the gift codes as soon as possible. To check what rewards have been added to your account, you can check your mailbox.

The August Gift codes available till 11th are as follows:

  • TOF666
  • TOF888
  • TOF0811TOF

The detail about the above codes has come with the courtesy of Twinfinite.

Valid Tower Of Fantasy Codes

Image Of Valid Tower Of Fantasy Codes

Tower Of Fantasy is getting traction online with each passing day. With its increasing popularity, we are expecting codes to be added in the future. The game also has expanded across several platforms including Android, iOS and PC platforms. Although it is currently made available on all the said platforms there are a few restrictions.

We are expecting that Tower Of Fantasy will eventually be made available on Steam and Epic Games Store. However, the players will be required to download the launcher available via the Tower of Fantasy website to play.

Furthermore, as per the available information, the Tower Of Fantasy Steam and Epic Games Store version will soon arrive between October and December 2022.

The game is slowly getting popular among the gamers and it is expected to be made available on all major gaming platforms by the end of this year.

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The Last Words

This was all about the available Tower Of Fantasy Gift Codes and ways you can redeem them in the game field. Hurry up and redeem the codes before the time runs out.

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