Airbnb Bali Ghost Town – All About The Viral TikTok Video

A TikTok video featuring an Airbnb Bali Ghost Town has gone viral on the video-sharing app. The TikTok influencer who booked the resort in Bali has stated it as an abandoned villa without human existence. The influencer has reported the case to Airbnb, and they have apologized for listing such an abandoned villa on their site. Here is more about the case and the viral video.

Airbnb started its operations in the year 2008 and within a short span of 15 years, the company has amassed massive popularity across the world. As per the information the company currently has become an over $76 Billion operation.

Millions of people from across the world use the Airbnb app to book destinations however, sometimes the results do not actually turn out to be. A similar case has happened with a TikTok influencer who booked a resort in Bali, Indonesia to celebrate one month of moving to the country with her partner. However, the destination they reached was not what they expected. Here is more about the Airbnb Bali Ghost Town.

The Airbnb Bali Rainforest Villa Is Actually A Ghost Town

Image Of The Airbnb Bali Rainforest Villa Is Actually A Ghost Town

Bree, a content creator on TikTok, booked a villa that looked nothing like what it appeared on Airbnb. In the listing, she found that the villa presented an idyllic scenario. It had an infinity pool, it was surrounded by a lush rainforest habitat, and the listing’s reviews section was also filled with positive reviews.

But, when the couple arrived at the destination, the scenario was way too different. They were welcomed by a spooky air and environment. The water in the pool had turned green and it was rife with algae. There wasn’t a single human around, the restaurant too was closed with boards placed on the windows, and the chairs were also stacked up outside. Dust all around smashed windows and overgrown grass, Bree’s romantic holiday had turned into a horror movie.

Talking to Insider about the situation Bree said, “All we could do was laugh. We were so exhausted and so tired. It was the perfect end to not a great day.”

The booking was made for 750,000 rupiahs that when turned into dollars equals $50 USD. Bree revealed that the booking amount was way higher than the listings they saw on the app.

Airbnb Bali Ghost Town Video

Image Of Airbnb Bali Ghost Town Video

The couple when arrived at the reception, it was empty and all filled with dust. They were shocked to see the area empty and they found it bizarre. Explaining what they found on the scene, Bree added:

 “We walked around the back of the main building, and that’s when I saw that everything was overgrown. The pool had turned green, and where the restaurant should’ve been, all the chairs were up, and it was just dusty”.

After finding it not suitable to stay, the couple contacted Airbnb and luckily they got a full refund alongside an apology statement. In the statement, Airbnb apologized saying: “We were disappointed to learn about this experience and provided our support to the guest at the time, including a full refund. We hold hosts up to high standards, and the listing is no longer on the platform.”

The couple then booked another destination and this time not in an abandoned village. Bree added at the end that, she will never count on a destination with old reviews, she will rather book places with more current reviews.

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The Last Words

This was all about the viral video of Airbnb Bali Ghost Town. Hopefully, you have got a lesson from this story. We too have learned a lot!

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