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There for You till I Die is a Chinese novel with a superb mixture of love, sacrifice, courage, patience, and reward. For family one can sacrifice everything, even the things that are most valuable. Yet, not all are capable of daring to give their all.

The compulsion and coercion of life can push a human to take steps that they would not even think of in normal circumstances. Faced with such limitations, they must smother their desires and wishes for the good of the family.

The story of Travis and Vera from iReader can be read online free. To read online or for PDF you can go through this article and find the source.

There for You Till I Die

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During the last four years of hidden marriage, Vera behaved well. Despite her impeccable demeanor, she finally got a verdict. “You’re good, but I’m going to marry someone else”, said Travis to her.

This was not something out of the blue for her. The deal existed from the beginning. As a result of this declaration, she cannot take anything away, keeping the points reached in the agreement.

She didn’t complain, because she knew that their marriage was just a ‘deal’ from the beginning.

Now the Deal was over in the story of Travis and Vera. Originally, she wanted to hide her thoughts in her heart. From that moment, she had no connections with him. But a doctor said she was pregnant, which interrupted the peaceful life she wanted.

And he suddenly appeared and said coldly, “You have violated the agreement. You have to pay the price.”

There for You till I Die Novel

For the past four years, in this Chinese novel, this girl is married to a man. Like a faithful wife, she prepares the food, lays the table, and waits for him. Yet, this has been her schedule, he has never come to join her for dinner, lunch, or breakfast.

It is not just that her man is aloof to her. His family takes this one step further. At every birthday of the family’s grandma, she would be slapped. She never protests or attempts to dodge the slaps that come her way. It seems she has reconciled with her fate.

The marriage was a transaction from the very beginning, as you will find out in There for You till I Die novel read online option. She must not expect better from her in-laws, and least to say, from her legal husband.

There for You till I Die Novel Travis and Vera

But one night he came to her suddenly. It was the night he consummated the marriage. Though utterly shocking for her, she managed to appear undisturbed by his reckless act.

No to mention, he had brought her body, he could do whatever he wanted. After all, they were trading partners and there was no clause for emotional entanglement at all in the agreement. This was added at the insistence of the man.

In exchange for Five million, she was supposed to be his comforter, an extinguisher of his bodily desires, and, of course, a punching bag for his furious grandmother.

There for You till I Die Chinese Novel

Yet, this night was not descended with one surprise. He told her this day that they will get a divorce. He asked her to not recognize him when they meet. An additional five million will be deposited in her account with this apartment in her name.

According to the divorce agreement, she could not mention to anyone that she had a relationship with this man. She will not pester or disturb him ever again in life. And much more followed on the piece of paper.

This relationship should have ended long ago, she thought to herself. In this business deal, she was taken advantage of. After removing the payment and property transfer she signed the agreement.

There for You till I Die Novel iReader

After this, she typed the message to him, “I have signed the divorce agreement. It is in the living room. You can ask your secretary to take it. Thank you for taking care of me all these years. Without you my sister’s illness…”

But before pressing the send button, she removed the last sentence. His reply came soon, “Don’t send messages in the future.” He was always this decisive and straightforward. Not to mention his domineering nature and handsome looks. Enough to make any girl fall in love with him.

Was this wife of four years immune to such feelings? After getting up she tidied the room, cleaned everything. With an aching heart, she turned back and left the house.

There for You till I Die iReader

She was leaving this life behind her and never wanted to get any kind of memories with her. When the assistant came to pick the documents there was no one. She had changed her number left the villa that belonged to her and the money that was given as compensation.

All was there that belonged to her except her body and soul to claim these materials. Where did she go? In what condition is she currently in? Nobody has any idea about it.

On the other hand, the man is getting engaged to his childhood love. This girl is extremely beautiful and is a famous star in the entertainment industry. Today, she is excepting the proposal from one of the richest men in the city.

There for You till I Die Novel Read Online Free

On the other hand, the wife of four years is not feeling good. Her sister, who suffers from heart disease can only comfort her with words. But later it becomes obvious that she is expecting a child.

The child of the man she was the wife of is growing in her. What is going to happen next? Will she return to that man’s life? Will he accept her? This turn in life is going to bring a new set of experiences. Find out all about it by reading the complete novel. Get There for You till I Die novel read online option from the link given.

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There for You Till I Die Novel PDF

She separated herself from the ordeals of the past four years. With a firm commitment, she removed all her links from the past. Now that her sister’s health is stable, she doesn’t need to go through that transaction.

It is time to get away from it, as far away as possible. But it seems like destiny has other plans for her. Will she be able to give that child a life that it deserves? Find out this and more by reading online this Chinese novel. Access for free the story of Travis and Vera any time you want.

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