Viper Bundle Mobile Legends — Here’s How To Get It

Are you curious to know how Viper Bundle Mobile Legends can be availed? If yes, then you have opened the most relevant post. Keep reading and get to know how this bundle can be availed.

Mobile Legends is an online mobile game that is being followed by so many players from all around the globe. From its release date till now, the game heroes are not forgotten by anyone and are discussed by so many users.

The Viper Bundle Mobile Legends refers to the Hanabi hero skin. Mobile Legends have enabled the players to avail so many bundles on a very affordable price. Currently the Viper bundle is being sold by Moonton at a very, very cheap price.

This article will provide all details using which this bundle can be availed. So keep Scrolling!

What Is Viper Bundle Mobile Legends

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To all of those who are still curious about the bundle, it is the name of one of Hanabi’s elite skins. And it can now be accessed in game on a very cheap price. Once purchased, this bundle will be added to your accessories stock.

The bundle can be availed at a very cheap price of $1.06. The price is same as the Crimson Moon Bundle and the Savage Huster Pack in Mobile Legends game. Some people are confused whether they should invest to purchase this skin or not.

They are also not sure if this bundle will remain with them permanently or not. To all the players out there, it is available at a really low price and you cannot have it permanently in your accessory store. Don’t think much about it and avail this golden opportunity as you are just few steps away from experiencing this cool skin.

Viper Bundle Mobile Legends 2020

Image Of Viper Bundle Mobile Legends 2020

Looking at the price this is obvious that one cannot have this bundle permanently. But still the set price is quite low so I would suggest you not to miss this golden chance. The bundle comprises of only 1 Hanabi Viper Skin Trial Card, 90 battle points, 50 crystals of aurora, and also 4 rare skin fragments. Please remember that, you will only be able to have the trial card not the permanent Viper skin.

Though so many players were excited to use this bundle but now as they know the skin can no longer be used when the trial period runs out, most of them seem disappointed. While some players are satisfied with the bundler as it gives them battle points, crystals of aurora, and quite a lot of rare skin fragments.

Viper Bundle Recharge Mobile Legends

Here’s how to get this bundle,

After knowing about the price details and the nature of bundle, if you are interested in buying it then follow the below steps.

Firstly, open your updated Mobile Legends application. While doing purchase make sure to have good internet access. Now, go to the diamond section and tap on the “+” sign located right next to it. Normally this button is used to get diamonds form the game shop.

Following this, select the Viper Bundle option to commence the buying process. After this, you will be directed to the payment page provided by the Google Play Store. Then choose payment method, you may select any of the method that seems convenient to you. Once you have added the payment method, click on the “Buy” button and complete the payment process.

Once you are done with all these steps, the viper bundle will be directly added to your account and can be used right away.

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Final Thoughts

This was all about the Viper Bundle Mobile Legends. Hope the information provided in this article will help you to understand the nature of this bundle. Happy Gaming!

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