What Is The Release Date For Genshin Impact Update 3.1? Explained

The release date for Genshin Impact Update 3.1 is confirmed already and players are looking to know what exactly the date is and when it is going to be available for them. If you are among such players looking for the details related to Genshin Impact Update 3.1 and its special Livestream programme preview, we have got you covered. Below we have broken down everything about what the release date for Genshin Impact Update 3.1 is and when the special Livestream programme preview is scheduled for. Stay tuned!

Apart from the release date for the new update and its special Livestream programme preview schedule, some banner characters are also revealed to be leaked.

We have just reached the middle of this month and it has been an exciting month so far. Also, there is a lot more to anticipate by the end of it. It has been an amazing month for the travelers of Teyvat. Currently, the players have reached the end of update 3.0 and for now they are enjoying the reruns of Ganyu and Koimiya alongside Dori who is a new character.

So far, Dori has got some exceptional reviews from the players and it already has become their favorite. However, players are now all set to encounter a set of three new characters very soon.

When Is The Genshin Impact Update 3.1 Coming Out?

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The release date and time for Genshin Impact Update 3.1 special Livestream programme revealed by the game developers is 05:00 PDT, 08:00 EST, and 13:00 BST for the UK on September 16th.

The details about the Livestream are being confirmed by the game’s official Twitter account. As per the Tweet, the special Livestream programme will begin at 08:00 UTC-4. The players can also catch the stream over Twitch where it is expected to last for 40 minutes.

Revealing the time for the Livestream, Genshin Impact wrote in their tweet, “Version 3.1 Special Program Preview

Dear Travelers,

The special program for Genshin Impact’s new version will premiere on the official Twitch channel on 9/16/2022 at 08:00 AM (UTC-4)!”

Following the announcement, they also added the link to their official Twitch channel. Further, they have revealed that the players can enjoy redemption codes and other goodies.

What’s interesting about the event is, that the special Livestream is happening prior to Hoyoverse’s appearance at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 on September 17th. It translates that, the approaching Livestream has nothing to do with TGS unlike what was suggested in the previous leaks.

What Would Be The Banner Characters For Genshin Impact 3.1 Update?

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Besides the release date for Genshin Impact 3.1 Update special Livestream preview, players are also curious to know the approaching banner characters. To address their confusion, below we have provided all the details about the expected banner characters for the Genshin Impact update 3.1.

Well, as per the available information, the official banner characters for Genshin Impact update 3.1 are Candace, Nilou, and Cyno.

The information regarding these official banner characters is confirmed by Hoyoverse on Twitter with their announcements. As per Zeniet, Cyno and Nilou are 5-star characters while Candace is said to be a 4-stars character.

There are several other leaks about the reruns that will accompany the set of new characters. Among these leaks, the most prominent one is from the leaker BLANK where they have revealed that Venti and Eula reruns will accompany the three new characters. However, this information is not being confirmed by any official source so far.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the Release Date For Genshin Impact Update 3.1 special Livestream programme preview and all the expected banner characters. Hopefully, the information was helpful.

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