BitLife Gambler Challenge: Guide to Complete the Challenge

Well, there is a piece of good news for the gamble lovers, that BitLife has come up with a new challenge. The challenge is known as the BitLife Gambler Challenge which is sort of a random requiring luck at your side for it.

In this you will need to acquire over 10 million in lifetime casino earning, win 10+ bets on horses battle a gambling addiction, leave Las Vegas and use the “Surprise Me” option a bunch of times. This guide will help you with the process of completing these tasks.

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What is BitLife Gambler Challenge?

The people who don’t know about the Gambler Challenge BitLife, this article will help you to get an idea about it and provide you the process to complete the tasks.

This new challenge will be available for a limited time and you have to be lucky enough to complete the tasks provided there.

BitLife Gambler Challenge Requirements

The requirements to complete the Gambler Challenge are as under,

Acquire $10 million+ in lifetime casino earnings

Win bets on more than 10 horses

Use “Surprise Me” 15 times

Overcome addiction to gambling

Leave Las Vegas

The first thing is to earn

Gambler Challenge Guide

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While creating character someone does not need to be much worried other than born in Las Vegas. Well, start your character in the United States and search for Las Vegas in the city option. Now you should spend time and finish high school.

If you have a good voice, then you should start a job as a background singer. This will help you to earn money which will fund the gambling that you are going to do.

You might want to do the “Surprise Me” thing during your primary years. Because as you get older, you will higher chance of getting hurt significantly. Well, you have control over when you need to do it. So I would only use that option when you are not at risk.

Once you have got yourself a nest egg, then it’s time to go to the casino. You have to choose the casino you want depending on your bank so you will be able to bet quite severely. If you had bad luck, then there is a chance of losing everything you have, so be cautious. Here all you have to do is hope to win your hands of Blackjack. The aim is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over.

Well, you need to earn over 10,000,000 gambling over your lifetime, which counts your losses as well. There needs your luck, as this is quite difficult to do and you can’t influence it another way.

Furthermore, betting on horses is not that much easy, here also requires your luck. Go to the horse races and start to bet on the ponies. To avoid overspending on betting here you have to keep your bets as low as possible. You need to pick at random and hope for the best.

As you are playing Blackjack, you may like to get an addiction. If not and you have only gained all your money go to the casino and bet the lowest possible again and again until you get the addiction. After getting it, head towards the most expensive rehab center for your medication.

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At last, you need to do is leave Las Vegas. You have to use the Emigrate option under activities and select a country of your choice. If you got successful doing all this, then this means you had completed all the tasks.

Completing this challenge will provide you a random accessory that you can place on your next Bitizen.

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