Cambridgeshire Police TikTok: Offensive TikToks

These days TikTok is Heating up all around and People are getting involve in these stuffs like making short chips over any theme and getting fame withing seconds. A couple of days before Cambridgeshire Police TikTok were on social media which got so negative responses over there videos.

Our slow-witted youth is adopting this TikTok trend and deteriorating trend of education. It is not bad at all but they should make worth-sharing videos instead of inappropriate and offensive ones.

Cambridgeshire Police TikTok

Two police officers uploaded inappropriate TikTok Videos wearing their uniforms. But hey ruined the reputation of Cambridgeshire police station and police force as well.

This shows the laziness and weary behavior of the police force. From now on this will hang like a sword of Damocles over the heads of all police officers.

In that video police officer is in Full uniform in a police station dancing inappropriately and in another one, they were shouting offensive language. Police constables Amy Taylor and April Cooper, of Cambridgeshire Constabulary, were ashamed of there acts.

The public reported who saw those offensive videos. They reported to the head of the departments.

This whole incident happened in the month of April this year. In the year of pandemic where people are already suffering.

Chief Constable Nick Dean said there were “numerous” clips, adding: “These videos, which I have seen, range from dancing, in uniform in a police station whilst on duty.

As being within a marked police vehicle, in uniform, on duty, using offensive language.”

In one clip, with the caption “when calling in sick at work and they ask what’s up”, PC Cooper appeared in uniform shouting “coronavirus” down a phone.

Cambridgeshire Police TikTok Video

This TikTok was made in this pandemic where people are suffering, some are losing their lives. Pandemic which is still ongoing yet you appear to be insensitive to the many thousands.

It seems too inappropriate to those all who are suffering their families and friends. Mr. Dean warned them that they should be careful for the next. He gave them the last warning.

The audience reaction was very abusive. But this is an unprofessional act. Both officers said it was “motivation was to boost morale”.

A misconduct panel found that their actions amounted to gross misconduct and both officers are given a final written warning.

You did not treat the public or your colleagues with respect or courtesy

Chief Constable Nick Dean

Literally talking about what police officers did is not a formal action against the uniform they were wearing. The disrespect their duty and uniform.

“In addition, one video where specific mention is made to coronavirus virus But whilst made off duty in what appears to be a residential property, PC Cooper is clearly in uniform.

“Other videos clearly show both officers running up and down steps of a police station, again clearly in uniform and at work.”

In the video, PC cooper is shouting that “shouting coronavirus with the words, ‘when calling in sick at work and they ask what’s up” which is literally inappropriate for a professional person.

The hearing was saying the reach of the videos on social media was extensive before they were taken down.


Whatever police did was not appropriate, they insulted their uniform. They are to protect people not dancing and shouting abusive language.

If they were in their civil dresses it would not be that much a problematic thing But they did that all stuff while wearing their full uniform.

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