The Good Son in Law: A Novel By Charlie Wade And Lord Leaf

The Good Son-in-Law is a story about a young man who loses his parents at a young age and is left to fight all the ensuing battles all on his own.

He is among the destitute who would live on the mercy of of others. In the story, the terrible fate that awaits people in need, eloquently presented. 

All in all, there is nothing good about the supposedly good son-in-law’s life. His life is beyond repair. He has left with nothing that would take him to a place where he could mend his ties with the world around.

Will the fate of our protagonists will overturn? You will find out soon.

The Good Son-in-Law by Charlie Wade

The story that is written with an artistic vision takes us to a point where we sympathize with the main character. Similarly, it brings out the raw emotions that we so protectively cling to.

The author Charlie Wade takes us to a journey where we feel ourselves to be at the verge of emotional breakdown.

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The story starts with the depiction of a young boy, named Sam, who has no one in his life. Fortunately he get to marry a pretty woman, Judith. Apart from this joy there is nothing that provides him solace.

He gets a rough treatment from his in-laws, who don’t take him as a respectable person merely because he has no wealth, nor social prestige, neither future prospects. 

One day he finds out that one of his aunts his on the deathbed. This is the same person who happened to be around him when he was young. She is fighting a battle between life and death. Doctors asked Sam to bring a huge sum before she could be treated.

This situation takes Sam to go against his self-esteem and ask his in-laws for that amount of money. Instead of helping him out, he made fun of. He gets out of the door with a broken heart.

Here is the twist.

When he reaches the hospital he finds out that the hospital bills have been paid. This gets him all perplexed. Who had paid the fees?

Later on in the novel we find out that Sam’s grandfather is still alive and is one of the richest people in the country. It also delves on the fact that his grandfather expelled his parents from the house when Sam wasn’t even born.

Now in his last days, his grandfather wants to make things all right. He asks same to be his heir and take all that wealth he has garnered.

Sam being a morally sound character refused to receive the wealth but on reflection he reconsiders his position. One reason behind his decision to take the money was to treat his ailing aunt. Hence, he become one of the most influential businessman in the country.

What happened to Sam after finding himself suddenly a wealthy person? Have the in-laws changed their attitude towards him? How his wife take the news of his husband being the richest person in the country? You can find that out only after reading the novel.

The Good Son-in-Law Lord Leaf

There is some confusion here. People who have followed the novel on this website have had to read it as authored by Lord Leaf. However, there is another author named Charlie Wade with whom this novel is attributed.

Except for the name of the author, the stories are identical. The Amazing Son-in-Law by Lord Leaf is available on our website. You can read it for free.

You must be relieved now that your doubts are cleared?

The Good Son-in-Law Novel PDF

The hopelessness perpetuated by the vileness of the people who surround you, the daily struggles of making ends meet and fighting all you battles alone and the consequent turning of tables, this Novel explores all of the above themes with a gripping story writing.

You can find out the climax and more by reading it for yourself.

It is available in the pdf format. If you want it in pdf you can leave a comment below.

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The Good Son-in-Law Read Online

You can also read the Good Son-in-Law online if you have difficulty finding it online, let us know in the comments.


The Good Son-in-Law revolves around a truth that can be observed if we look alike.

Most of the people respect others on the bases of their wealth and social standing. Now, it doesn’t matter if someone has a good heart or harbors good feeling about others, all that matter is material.

The story is about hope and perseverance, it a story about true worth of a being.

I highly recommend you to give a read. Happy reading, folks!

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