Conservative Hype House: Who are the Members and What is the Motive?

Social media platforms are a source of expressing personal views regarding anything. In the world, there are different people with different points of view and preferences.

Some post entertaining content, some prefer to post motivational and informative content and, some post their political point of view like Conservative Hype House group.  

Various social media platforms have become part of our daily life routine. Some of the prominent platforms are YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. According to a survey, there were 3.8 billion social media users worldwide in January 2020. And it has raised to 9% as compared to the previous year.

Some platforms are full of political posts, especially on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Political parties themselves have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and YouTube channels mostly run by their social media organizers. Surprisingly, on TikTok which is typically for entertainment, there is some political content. 

Who are Conservative Hype House Members?

Conservative Hype House TikTok is part of few TikTok collectives solely focused on right-wing politics. The top content creators of this group are mostly followed by right-wing viewers and they are mostly pro-Trump.

In this group, there are more than dozen top creators and they showcase only a few under the supervision of conservative creator Cameron Higby.

Image of Conservative Hype House Members

According to the group website Conservative Hype House members also include Pastor Greg Locke, Topher, Zoba, Violet Magic Sin and, Tyler Bluntman. These are the main members of this group and the other same mind colleagues appears in videos.

Maybe you have heard about the TikTok hype house group which has more than 18.5 million followers. The members post various creative content by working in collaboration at a mansion named `Hype House` in Los Angeles. This group`s purpose is to increase their video content creating competency.

What is The Motive Behind this Group?

The main motive behind this group is to support the ideology of the right-wing political party. They do this through different videos not only on TikTok but also on YouTube and Twitter. There are several Conservative Hype House YouTube channels promoting their views to supporters.

Since this group has all American Followers, the two opposing parties debate over the current political scenario in the country. They are opposing the idea of banning TikTok in The United States, after Trump administration hint at banning it over user’s privacy issues.  In India, TikTok was banned due to this reason.

Image of Conservative Hype House on TikTok

Currently, this page content is focused on the right-wing view of current issues including the refutation of the `Black Lives Matter` movement and against the policies of left-wing on this app. The group content creators are also urging their page followers to vote Donald Trump in upcoming elections.

What is the Republican Hype House?

Republican Hype House is similar to a conservative group. This page also boosts the youth of TikTok to take part in the modern-day conservatism. The both groups are promoting their political agendas. This group is led by TikTok creators Aubrey and Christian.

Image of Conservative Hype House on YouTube

According to the Republican hype group, the young generation is more liberal. This group posts a series of comedy videos and intellectual argumentative content to attract Americans toward their conservative views.

This hype house has 14 members according to page website. Among them, Aubrey Moore, Christian Di Cesare, and Conner Wickless are the main founders of this page.

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Social media platforms provide room for everyone to share their point of view regarding anything. Similarly, some people in The United States of America are using two different groups to show support for their favorite party.

This is quite good to engage the country`s youth to debate on the country`s politics. this way they can compare the parties and will vote to the best according to them.

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