The Reviews and Critics of Ashram Web Series

Ashram Web Series Reviews is a talk of the day. Several top Indian news media are talking about it.  In the later decades of 2010, the Web series got recognition. Indeed in the future, the entertainment and film industry is going to get more boosted over the internet.

Ashram Web Series Reviews

Many celebrities who are the stars of silver screen or television have also performed in web series. This year, one more such Bollywood celebrity who is making his web-debut through Ashram Web Series is Bobby Deol.

 The web series is the direction of Prakash Jha will broadcast from today, the 28th of August from Max Player Platform.

Here is a sneak-peek to the trailer of the series.

The story of the series mainly revolves around the life of a famous Kashipur’s godman Baba Nirala played by Bobby Deol.

Story of Ashram

Like many of the Bollywood movies, this one also highlights one of the ‘Pakhandi Babas’ (fake gurus) life. These Babas have nothing to do with the religion but everything to do with disgusting illegal doings. Ashram also shows another ungodly baba known as Baba Nirali.

The trailer shows Baba Nirali and a sprawling ashram (a hermitage) spread over what looks like many acres, fleets of shiny SUVs, tons of staff and uniformed ‘sevadars’ (lackey), and an ever-increasing fan following which flocks for his daily ‘darshan’ (the event of seeing a holy person).

The story contains elements of cast suppression, political conspiracies, negative empowerment, crime, and policing. In short, the story explores the nuts and bolts of the bulwark of andh-bhakti (blind faith).

Like many other gurus, Baba Nirali claims to preach the message of peace and austerity. His preaching even convinced many of this followers to give up all their material belongings and joining the Ashram


Amidst the fame of Nirali Baba, a lower caste girl ‘Pammi’ also becomes his devotee as he comes to her rescue. The story proceeds with the sudden reappearing of a skeleton in the adjacent forest land, unsettles the peace of the city in the crucial times of the upcoming state elections.

The Ashram seems to keep many of the girls in a jail-like dungeon from the eyes of all the people including the followers.

All the links of the investigation mysteriously hint towards ‘THE AASHRAM’. Doubts begin to come to the surface about Baba Nirala truly being a Messiah. The question posed by media, “Is this Godman a conman?

The Ashram Series received a backlash on social media

 The story in Ashram is around a sensitive topic and might offend the religious emotions of the people. Thus, it was bound to receive some initial negative criticism.

People generally think that the web series as a target to Hinduism in general and Hindu leaders, in particular. On social media, they quoted examples of the previous movies that have also shown Hindu leaders in a negative role. Some of them include Kedarnath, Oh My God (OMG), and PK.

The users accused the entire Bollywood of repetitively featuring Hinduism in a negative way. On the other hand, some religions, such as Islam and Christianity, are usually portrayed as superior than Hinduism. Some commented about the sanctity of an ashram and demanded the ban of Ashram Web Series on the internet.

Ashram Web Series Critics

Ashram Web Series Rating

The Ashram Web Series Rating on IMDB official website is 7.5/10. Some of the other websites show a rating of 3 and 3.5 out of 5.

The overall story line, acting, production, and direction definitely deserve commendation. Nevertheless, the topic being controversial, the rating could see a volatile trajectory in the coming days. The trailer has been seen by some 200 thousand people. It shows it has received some considerable dislikes as well.

Please share your views in the comment section whether you like the reviews. Are you planning to watch it you also think it highlights a controversial issue targeting religion.

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