Cryptic Post By TikTok Star William Knight- Explained

A very Well-known TikTok star and famous spiritual personality William Knight has shared a cryptic post on TikTok that created confusion among his followers. Users are scared and confused as they see this post by William Knight in which he says that “He had drowned”. People want to know more in detail. Let’s see what is actually going on.

William Knight is a very famous personality on TikTok with a huge number of followers. William Knight gathers’ almost 1.6 million followers on TikTok and 145k followers on Instagram. His personality is very unique and people love his content. William Knight is also known as @grandrisingapp. William Knight is famous for his spiritual content where he guides his followers about meditation through his unique style.

TikTok is a platform through which we can earn money and it also entertains. This app helps people to encourage their talent. In recent days a famous TikTok star William Knight has become the hot topic where people are confused about his cryptic post. He posted something mysterious and users are scared. The post says that he is drowned.

His appearance and his work have always been appreciated by everyone on the platform. As a result of this post, users are showing their concerns towards William Knight and there are also some people who are taking this thing in a funny way.

What Is William Knight’s Recent Post About?

Image Of What Is William Knight’s Recent Post About

A few days ago, Knight shared a series of pictures on his active TikTok page. The first image featured him wearing his well-known wide-brimmed hat. Underneath that picture, someone on social media commented, “It’s really unfortunate that this guy passed away. He used to be quite funny.”

People took this comment very seriously and started commenting on this post. Many of the users thought that this news was true and fans were concerned. In the next picture, there was a screenshot that looked like an obituary post about Knight, accompanied by a crying anime character. This surprised fans and made them wonder if the post was actually true. In the following pictures, Knight was dressed in all-black and had really big angel wings that matched the color of his outfit.

This post was very confusing and concerning for many of the users. This surprised fans and made them wonder if the post was actually true. But in the end, they found that this was fake news and got silly comments from the users.

Fans Reactions To This Post

Image Of Fans Reactions To This Post

Many of the fans questioned whether his death news was true or not. There were a lot of questions and comments under his post where users were adding their comments. One user wrote, “Is this not his account?”. To this another person responded, “It is, he’s in his faking my death era.” “NOT THE BRIM REAPER NOOO,” another wrote, referencing Knight’s wide-brimmed hat. “It was originally called Grim Reaper they just said Brim Reaper bc he had a hat where the brim went all the way around.”

Another follower added: “Don’t do that scared me for a second I don’t follow u heavily but I do know of u. I always also fw thé drip.”

“I was genuinely concerned don’t do that,” someone else said, to which another person replied, “I was worried for a minute there, yeah let’s not do this again.” These were the reactions of users who were concerned at the start but later they came to that this news was fake.

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Bottom Line

This was all the available information related to the cryptic post by the TikTok star William Knight. Hopefully, this information was helpful.

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