Egg Drop Challenge: Procedure and Materials Required Explained

Science challenges are great as they provide the opportunity to work with more freedom as compared to traditional science experiments. It doesn’t always require you to go to science labs, there are plenty of scientific challenges that you can do at home or anywhere else. So, in this article we will discuss the “Egg Drop Challenge”.

We can also use science challenges and tricks in our daily life. They can make our usual routine works easier. It depends on us how we employ these tricks and challenges in our daily life. Well, now we will talk about what is Egg Drop Challenge?

What is Egg Drop Challenge?

Like many other challenges and tricks, this is also done with the help of physics. Sometimes many things happen in front of us but we do not think in-depth about them and we say a miracle happened. But for your information, this is all due to physics in the nature that we don’t know.

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This challenge is all about dropping a raw egg from a height into a surface without making the egg break. Well, this seems impossible to you, but with the help of science, it is possible. Here is the all explanation about this trick.

Materials required for the Challenge

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To do this challenge you will need the following material,

A raw egg or other payloads that needs protecting

Container, like a glass, cup, tube, box, etc.

External protection material can be anything like balloons, rubber bands, craft sticks, straws, etc.

Pencil or pen



Internal padding, like packing material, paper, fabric, etc.


How to do the Egg Drop Challenge

There are various procedures to do the Egg Drop Challenge, but in this article we will focus on one.

First of all, to protect an egg passenger when it drops from a high level, design a landing craft. For this experiment use the engineering design cycle. After designing the landing craft test it to see if it is workable or not. If it doesn’t work well change it and then re-test it.

After finalizing the design, collect your material. As already mentioned, you will need a container, external protection, and internal padding. Materials are not specific you can use anything that seems best to you for external protection and internal padding.

Then draw your design on a paper, to see what does your lander looks like? What material will best suit? Just try using one container, one type of external protection, and one type of internal padding.

Build the landing device and put the egg inside, to test it out by dropping your device from a high level. If the egg doesn’t crack then your design is effective, if the egg cracks re-design the device and re-test again.

Physics in this Procedure

Well, as we know gravity is a force of attraction, it tempts the mass always towards the surface. Like Earth’s gravity pulls on us and keep us on the ground. Like the sun’s gravity keeps all the planets around it and the earth’s gravity keeps the moon around it.

Image of Egg Drop Challenge Rules

Similarly, when an object falls from a height it comes towards the surface of the earth with a speed depending on its mass. It this egg experiment same is the rule, when you drop the egg it falls into a surface which you have set it doesn’t crack. This is not a miracle; it is all due to science in nature.

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People have come up with different tricks and challenges with the help of science. They are not new things, that they are already happening around us. Just there is a need to concentrate on such happenings and bring them into use in our daily lives. Through this, we will make our daily routine easier and more fruitful for sure.

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