YouTube Shorts: YouTube Has Come Up With New Feature Against TikTok

Social media platforms have become part of our daily routine. According to a source, in the whole world, 3.8 billion people are using social media applications. And the number is increasing day by day with population growth and the availability of internet service. YouTube has started its new application known as YouTube Shorts.

Image of YouTube Shorts India

Some social media applications are prominent among others which include TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat. There is a perfect competition between these social media apps to attract users. The more users they have, the more they will become eminent. So they always come up with new features to update their old version.

YouTube Shorts against TikTok

The fact is that the popularity of TikTok is lifting day by day. It has more than 800 million active users all over the world. On the App Store and Google Play, this application is downloaded more than 2 billion times . After its launch in 2017, it has become one of the best entertaining social media applications. You can post a video of size 15 seconds to 1 minute on TikTok.

Image of YouTube Shorts Beta

Most of the young generation, generally who are known as generation Z’ use this App. Since it is a Chinese app, it was banned in India a month back due to users’ privacy problems and now the United States is considering it to ban. The US hinted banning it in the same month as India did, but the decision is still pending.

Taking benefit of the situation YouTube has announced the launch of a new short-form video experience with the name of YouTube Shorts. For the people who want to know what is YouTube Shorts? Here is the explanation of YouTube Shorts Beta.

What is YouTube Shorts App?

This new feature will allow users to upload videos of 15 seconds or less short videos with the help of a new set of creator tools. That includes a multi-segment camera, speed control, a countdown feature, and a timer. The videos can also be set to music, as YouTube has already a huge library of all new and old songs.

The work on this feature was started months back, but YouTube has officially announced to make it functional, first of all in India and then its operations will expand to the rest of the countries. As India is one of the biggest markets of social media users and ban of TikTok in India has paved way for YouTube to bring out their short video experience.

Image of What is YouTube Shorts App

For your information, the multi-segment camera helps users to string together the multiple short clips into one short video. Other features with controlling functions enable YouTube creators to be more creative once you press the record button. As these tools are common in TikTok. Instagram has also come up with the same tools to compete with TikTok, which are known as Reels.

So far, the date of launch of this feature is not announced. And people who anxious about, how to download YouTube Shorts APK. This feature will be highlighted within the YouTube App on Android and in near future it will also available for IOS.

Now, the only thing we can do is just wait until this new feature arrives and the reaction of its users will tell us whether TikTok is better or YouTube Shorts.

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As the population is increasing and the facility of the internet is spreading everywhere in the world, the use of social media applications has also been raised. It is the best time for application developers to come up with new creative ideas.

And also the companies which already exist need to improve their features to attract more users. The competition is tough and the market is very big and expanding.

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