Learn about Google Magic and Some Other Google Tricks

Google is a very versatile search engine capable of doing magical wonders. Just a few keywords and it gives you a plethora of related webpages and all documents. But what actually is Magic Google?

Google Magic is basically a website created by Dark Ark Media (darkartsmedia.com). If you want to do some tricks to Google you can use this site.

Have you ever thought of removing the two big o’s from the GOOGLE. Then you’re surely to use the Google Magic Website.

How does the trick work?

Once you open the Google Magic website, you can remove the two o’s there but just clicking on the webpage. You can use this trick on some of your acquaintances who are unaware about this.

The trick works by covering the Google logo with your fingers and telling the person you are trying to trick that you will now make the o’s disappear. Now, click your mouse and wait a few moments. Then remove your fingers and the o’s from the Google logo will be gone.

After you have made the o’s from the Google Magic website disappear, you can make them reappear in order to complete the trick. Place your fingers over the spot where the two o’s were, now click the mouse again and the o’s from the Google logo will reappear. Remove your fingers to dazzle your friend with your magic.

After making the letter reappear, on a third click the website will lead you the actual Google homepage so that the person who has been tricked thinks that it is actual Google website.

However, the person who was tricked may be able to identify from the URL that it is not actual Google. Also, Google Magic may look slightly different than the real Google page depending on whether or not you are logged in to Google.

Some other fun Google Tricks

Google also offers some of the other fun tricks. You’ll be amazed to see the results.

Google Tricks

Google Gravity

This is a trick of Google. You will see the screen including google logo and search bar dropping down. For this, you have to type google gravity in the search bar and instead of search button type I’m Feeling lucky button. You will see all the buttons shatter as they fall down.

Do a Barrel Roll

When you type Do a Barrel Roll in the search bar of Google, you see the search results but the screen rolls over two times and comes back to its original position.


Do you want the keyword ‘blink’ to actually blink in your search results? If yes, then

type <blink> in the search tab of Google.

Zerg Rush

This is a cool trick. Typing zerg rush in the search tab and then pressing I’m Feeling lucky buttion will produce some colorful small bubbles. Initially, these will start to drop from the top and will start to eliminate the text/search results.

After few seconds, the bubbles will start to emerge from right and bottom of the screen. Eventually, they will remove all the text on the screen and arrange themselves as two big G’s.


When you type Elgoog and use the I’m Feeling lucky button you will get a google screen which will be a mirror image of the actual screen. Even the search result page will also be like this.

Breakout on Google

Gamers may be already aware of the breakout game. If you type Breakout game and press I’m Feeling lucky button, a new black screen will open. This is a game. This is a version of the Breakout by Atari. Here you have knockout the blocks/squares which look like image with the help of a ball and controlling the paddle.


There are other tricks too which the Google provides like Google sphere, epic Google, Google pacman, Google guitar, Google snake and many more. Most of these tricks work with I’m Feeling lucky button instead of search button. Just keep that in mind.

We encourage you to try these including the Google Magic one. Tell us through comments how did you find these trick.

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