Why is Widget Smith Not Working in iOS 14 and How to Fix the Problem?

Recently, Apple has released its new iOS 14 version. The company has not announced its launching date yet. This new version is applicable for all the products that support iOS 13. iOS 14 update includes some new Emojis, Apple Library, Translate App, Picture in Picture and, Widgets. This article will focus on How to Use Widget Smith in iOS 14.

With the help of iOS 14, you can add widgets to your home screen. This will be the first time, as Apple has never allowed its customers to play with the home screen. When we talk about Widget Smith, it is the best app to manage all Widgets on the home screen. Since, you can place them in a fixed size, and fix the duration to appear on the home screen.

This is the best app to manage all your widgets, but several iPhone users are facing a problem after installing this app. The Widgets are not showing or loading suitably and are appearing as a grey box. You have to read this article carefully to overcome this issue on your iPhone. 

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How to Use Widget Smith in iOS 14?

This problem can occur due to various reasons. In iOS 14 the widgets might not be loading due to the issue with Widget Smith App or may there is an issue with the widgets itself. Even it can be the iOS 14 bug which is creating this problem for iPhone users.

Many of the iPhone users after updating iOS 14, finding not only Widget Smith but also other widgets are not functioning in this version. As iPhone users can see, after adding Widget Smith or the widget from the home screen + icon, the widgets appear on the home screen but it doesn’t work.

How to Fix Widget Smith App?

People who are searching for how to use Widget Smith App or how to fix this problem, there are some solutions we will recommend to follow below down.

Solution 1: Refresh the Widget by Tapping on it

First of all, you have to see whether the widget functions when it is alone. If it doesn’t function that means, there is an issue with the iOS 14 or that with that particular widget not with the Widget Smith.

If the widget standing alone is not loading too, then note that in iOS 14 many of the widgets have issues of not refreshing. But there is no issue reported with weather and clock widgets.

Image of how to use widgets in iOS 14

Widgets not refreshing or loading may have issues with IOS 14 or some other issue particularly associated with that widget.

Solution 2: Confirm that content is available for the Widget

Make sure that content is presented for the widget, otherwise the problem may occur due to the unavailability of content. The widget’s content depends upon the media, calendar, or your iPhone content for display. If your phone does not have the relevant data, then the widget would be able to show any content at all and will be shown as a grey box.

For example, when someone questions how to use Widget Smith for photos? The answer will be; it takes photos from the photo app of your handset. Then from the photo app section ‘For You’ will have all the photos that will be shown in the photo widget. If there are no photos at all then it will be not possible to show any content.

Image of how to use Widget Smith iOS 14

Solution 3: Remove and Re-add the Widgets Smith Widget

If the above two solutions don’t work, then iPhone users should remove the Widget Smith and re-add it and then should check if it works.

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Solution 4: Try Widget Smith with other Widget

If a particular widget is not loading or refreshing, then you should consider another widget and try. If this isn’t working with all the widgets you tried, then it must be a problem with the iOS 14. Now you have to reset your iPhone or do a full restore.

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