Destroy Gatherers Challenge: Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass-Week 4 Challenges

At the time of this pandemic, everyone is searching for some indoor activity as a source of entertainment. Online games are becoming more fascinating day by day. As online games developers are organizing different events and providing interesting challenges to their players. In this article, we will discuss Destroy Gatherers Challenge in Fortnite.

The trend of online games is getting popular with time goes on. There are plenty of online games but some are most famous including, League of Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale, Playerunknown’s Battleground, Splatoon 2, Hearthstone, and many more.

The online gaming industry is flourishing with time. And online games developing companies are earning millions per month. So to keep their customers loyal, the companies bring changes in their products and organize events and challenges.

What is “Destroy Gatherers Challenge” in Fortnite?

The Fortnite game developer Epic Games comes up with different challenges as a week challenge. It has released a new set of challenges for Week 4. In the Fortnite game, if you want to level up your Battle Pass and earn some best rewards then you have to complete the weekly challenges.

Image of Destroy Gatherers Fortnite

In the season 4 Battle Pass, The Fortnite players can unlock fresh Marvel rewards and skins, including She-Hulk, Wolverine, Doctor Doom, Iron Man, and Mystique. Players have to level up the Battle Pass before completing character-specific challenges to unlock each hero’s true form.

By completing the challenges, the players can earn 25,000 XP and on completing bigger and harder group-based challenges they can earn 50,000 XP.

In Fortnite’s Week-4 challenges the tasks include searching chests, destroying gatherers, and dealing with damages. To complete these challenges, it requires some tricks if you don’t know how to do it. Like locating the gatherers is more complicated then destroying them.

So, for players who do not know how to complete the challenge for destroying Gatherers in Fortnite.

Where to Find Gatherers in the Map

As we have already mentioned, finding gatherers is trickier then destroying them. But after going through this you will surely complete the challenge with ease.

Image of Fortnite Destroy Gatherers

The first thing you have to do is find the helicopter, it will help you to find the Gatherers without any trouble. Many locations feature a Helicopter, but the players have to pick to land on the island close to the north of Misty Meadows. Here players have to focus on gathering loot and gear which will help you to destroy the Gatherers.

In the upper corner below the map, there is a timer for the players who watch out for it. At around a 2-minutes mark of the first cycle, you will need to be up in the air in a helicopter, with eyes focusing on the red light beam that will shoot up into the sky. This red beam shows a Gorgers, which will spawn the Gatherers who are you going to destroy.

The Gorgers spawn randomly across the map but seem to spawn in many locations. So you will have many opportunities to locate one. More importantly, the Gorgers are extraterrestrial drones that fire a red laser at players.

And they also spawn little minions called Gatherers, and these are your target. As the red beam goes up, indicating the location of the Gorger, land nearby that location.

How to Destroy Gatherers in Challenge?

After finding the Gorger, again look at the timer in the top right below the map as a reference point to note when the laser shoots into the sky. As advised try not to land next to the Gorger, as it can fire a laser at that position any time. Land somewhere near and search the area to make sure you know where is cover and maybe you will find any item there.

Image of Fortnite Destroy Gatherers

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Then watch out for Gorger and you will surely see a little drone will spawn out of it. These are the Gatherers which you need to destroy to complete the challenge. You have to destroy at least 20 of them, but you have to wait as it spawns only 2 after every 20 seconds.

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