Internet Explorer Meme: Why Is It So Slow?

You might have seen Internet Explorer Memes everywhere which are interesting as well as hilarious.

Recently Microsoft announced that they will be getting rid of this browser on August 17th, 2021. This is big news by all accounts. It has been a part of so many of us that its projected demise has affected us with something of a bittersweet punch.

Not forgetting the memes that have always been associated with this god-forsaken browser. There is no denying the fact that some of those memes that made it to our drawing rooms, were hilarious.
Some believe that this browser has remained the most hated product of the mammoth Microsoft.

But that’s not all. It still remains the second-most used browser in the world, the latest figures showing that it accounts for just over 20 percent of the world’s used browser! However, pale into insignificance against Google Chrome’s 46 percent.

Would it be wrong to assume that Internet Explorer was known more for its inefficiency than the contrary?

Why Is Internet Explorer So Slow and Inefficient?

Is Internet explorer really that slow? Or all the fuss is about nothing? The truth is the oldest-ever browser was not that slow but it lacked in other ways that contributed to its inefficiency.

To begin with, it was disliked over issues of malware, numerous bugs, unappealing user interface and then slowness. To quote a digital geek, “On a daily basis, I frequently use Internet Explorer on this Computer… I wouldn’t exactly say it’s slow completely.

The right word here is “unresponsive”.
There, he said it. It isn’t merely slow if you think about it and it is unresponsive. It is filled with glitches that make it hard working on it.

The big question, then, why is it so “unresponsive” or inefficient? And why the users hate it to a point that they ridicule it.

Firstly, everything was going fine, but there came a time when Microsoft made it mandatory for its Windows user to have Internet Explorer installed. This kicked competitors out of business. Thus, seen by many as the ‘evil corp.’

Similarly, by the time Microsoft released Internet Explorer 6 in 2001, there was no competition. The browser had a whopping 95 percent market share. Instead of improving, Microsoft stopped trying. The good old Internet Explorer kept rusting.

By then competitors kept knocking at the doors. Finally, leaving behind Internet Explorer far behind. IE7 and IE8 Were too little, way too Late.

In short, Internet Explorer dwindled, the competitors kept pace and consequently surpassed it. And rest is history!
Microsoft could have done a good job.

Internet Explorer Dead Meme

Let’s count. Internet Explorer has been around for almost 20 years. In this period many changes have taken place but one thing has remained constant: It has always been mocked as a browser that refused to adapt to changing times while alternatives kept on advancing.

Memes have surfaced. Chuckles have been let out. All at the expense of Internet Explorer.
It was recently announced, of course on a meme, that Internet explorer has died.

That drew some laughter from Twitterati and facebookers. Insensitive? Nah, people love to just live old memories. It’s harmless, one argument goes.

When it was thought that the meme session is over. Another meme surface that was ever more hilarious that the one share already. The alternative browsers that have competed and later left it behind, come together to say their last goodbyes to an ailing Internet Explorer.

Image of Internet Explorer Meme Goodbye

So much for Internet Explorer. Let’s turn our focus to Microsoft Edge. The browser that embarks to replace the ‘legacy’ of its precedent.

Here you can get more information related to trending memes:

Microsoft Edge Meme

The new browser, Microsoft is hoped to be faster than it counterpart. Mainly, because it is based on a new brand known as Spartan. A fancy name, but will it be any different from Internet Explorer? That question has kept many internet users perplexed.
But in such time optimism is not to be seen. One example (or rather a meme) goes:

Image of Internet Explorer Doubt

The doubter would, definitely, doubt. Microsoft has one way out of it; it needs to prove the pessimists wrong. Let’s hope they do.

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