The Amazing Son in Law: A Chinese Novel by Lord Leaf

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Some are borne into remarkable lives while others create it for themselves and the people around them. So which one is The Amazing Son in Law? You will have to find that out yourself. The value given to a person in this world of interests and gluttony is determined by wealth and power.

Luckily, if you are rich and have power this world is going to be an amazing place for you. Those who even want you dead will respect you and act humble whenever around. But if you are penniless and struggling to just live by, the worth drops to the abyss of non-existence.

And if you happen to be around the people for whom interests and power is everything and you stand poor. This will cost you your existence, dignity, and self-respect. As The Amazing Son-in-Law shows us.

The Amazing Son in Law

The novel written by Lord Leaf will take you through a situation where you can put yourself in front of the mirror and evaluate. Scrutinizing ourselves about how we treat the people around us when we come across those who are less fortunate than us? How our tone and attitude changes when the person across us yields more power and clout.

The Amazing Son-in-Law Novel tells us the story of a man who has been treated unfairly throughout his life like dirt. The only reason being he was penniless. Then we see that his fortunes change suddenly and he gets the upper hand on the people who have denied him dignity and respect until now.

How should they be treated now? Here we find that the fortunes and the power are as a slippery fish, today it is in one’s hands but the next day the same hands could be empty.

The Amazing Son in Law Novel

The novel takes us on a journey where we will find out the incredible journey of a son-in-law. A poor man orphaned at the age of eight, when his father, the last living parent dies.

Thus begins the never-ending life of torment and loss. It takes him a long time to touch the shores of hope, swimming in the sea of despair that life will teach him lessons worth remembering.

As he grows up to a handsome man he finds himself in a family as the son-in-law. As a part of the family, he loses his dignity and worth. This family has nothing to offer to him except for the daily dose of disgrace and disrespect.

In The Amazing Son in Law novel by Lord leaf, The person giving him a sense of worth is his so-called wife only.

She is the only person giving him respect due for a human being. One day he finds the person who brought him up at the orphanage after the death of his father is at the death bed. This humble and kind lady needs at least 10 million for the treatment at the hospital.

This helpless person has no choice but to beg the family head a matriarch on her birthday. At her birthday banquet, he asks the lady to lend him the money. In return, he gets laughed at by the whole family and hounded out of the party.

The hero goes to the hospital to check on the foster mother and gets the unbelievable news that the money has been paid and she is now in one of the best hospitals in the country. Who has paid the money? Is it another successful person from the orphanage?

The Amazing Son in Law Chinese Novel Plot Turn

Turns out, it is the grandfather of this worthless person who sits on one of the largest riches of the country. Mr. Nobody is heir to this wealth. The father and mother were expelled from the house by grandfather and denied even a penny from the family’s property. Now the grandfather is at the deathbed and wants his grandson to take charge of the family.

The son-in-law of this family has no affection whatsoever for the grandfather. But here he must make a choice. If he rejects the offer, the additional 20 million required for the treatment of his foster mother could not be arranged.

There is no choice but to reconcile with his grandfather to save the life of the person who brought him up after the death of his parents. The Amazing Son in Law Good Novel, the hero succumbs to the moves of destiny.

With this reconciliation, the Son-in-law becomes the owner of the largest business in the city worth 100 billion. With this, he becomes one of the richest people living in the city. A worthless turns into the most important businessman in town overnight.

So would the in-laws believe him? Now that he is the person with power and wealth, are the bad days coming for them? Their fate is now in the hands of their son-in-law. Would they be forgiven or will they get the taste of their own medicine?

The family is now at the mercy of the person who was forced to feel worthless until now. So would he get back at them? What will happen to his so-called wife? Will she be released from the marriage bond or is it like the new beginning?

The Amazing Son-in-Law by Lord Leaf

The writer has penned a wonderful novel, sharing the tale of a person who sees everything in one go. Once in the depths of despair and at other times at the helm of power and prosperity. He sees and experiences how human behavior changes with the change of fortune.

So you will find your mind running as a roller-coaster with the storyline of Lord Leaf The Amazing Son In Law. Oscillating and wavering with the changes of fortunes of the major characters.

The novel is a must-read for all.

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