IRS Payment Status Not Available — All You Need To Know

So many people have received their second round of Stimulus checks while others are encountering “IRS Payment Status Not Available” message. If you don’t know what does this sentence “IRS Payment Status Not Available” means, then we have got you covered. Keep reading to know all information about the second round of Stimulus checks.

At the end of last year, the COVID-19 relief packages were revised. People were so confused about the revision firstly. Because it was not clear whether they are eligible for the second round of payments or not.

Later, they were informed that individuals making less than $75000 per year will be eligible for checks. And couples making less than $150000 will also get the $600 checks. The dependents were also considered for the $600 checks instead of $500 checks.

As per the previous revised policy, people are now getting their aid. But there are some, who are having trouble while getting their payments secure. Let’s learn about the reason why some of them are unable to get their payments secure.

Why Am I Still Getting ‘Payment Status Not Available

Image Of Why Am I Still Getting 'Payment Status Not Available

According to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) people who have filed 2019 tax returns and provided direct deposit information will directly receive their amount in their bank accounts. The eligible ones have already started getting their payments from Dec. 29th.

Besides this, those who have successfully registered for the first payment on will also be eligible for automatic payments. People who received their payments via direct deposit in the first round are getting a status that says “Payment Status Not Available.”

The complete message reads “”We are unable to provide the status of your payment right now because we don’t have enough information yet (we’re working on this), or you’re not eligible for a payment,”

Currently we don’t have enough information about whether this issue is temporary or not. It might indicate that the IRS is unable to issue a second stimulus payment but this is just a saying. We don’t have much information about the said case. It seems like IRS is making updates to its guidance.

Error Message On IRS Stimulus Check

Image Of Error Message On IRS Stimulus Check

The error message on IRS Stimuls Check is haunting many of the people who have suffered a lot from the pandemic. People who are getting this pop up message think that they will be eligible for the checks once they are done with filing their 2020 taxes, but this is just an opinion. It seems like we would be able to understand the cause only if IRS comes up with clearer solutions to individuals’ problems.

In technical terms, the second stimulus checks are an advanced payment of the tax credit. The married couples and individuals who did not receive the full amount of the first stimulus payment are eligible to claim the Recovery Rebate Credit. While the taxpayers will be able to see untaken stimulus funds referred to as the Recovery Rebate Credit on Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR of their taxes.

You can check your payment status directly on the Get My Payment tool on It is specially designed to tell you about the statuses of your first and second stimulus payments.

To get the “payment status not available” error resolved, we would suggest you to check by typing your information in all caps. This method has already helped most of the people encountering the error. Though the method seems odd but it has really helped so many out there.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the IRS Payment Status Not Available error. Hope the fix provided in this article will help you get your payments secured.

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  1. I Wonder Why Prisoners (Even Those On Death Row) And People Currently Crossing The Border Into The United States (From Other Countries) Will Receive Their $1400.00 Stimulus Check Yet My Mother, Who Is In Her 70’s, Doesn’t Qualify For The Third Stimulus Check. My Mother Has Been A Permanent Resident (With A Green Card) Of The United States For 50 Years. Could Someone Please Explain The Logic Of This Situation To Me?


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