Is Latisha Chong Dead? The Stylist Was Battling Cancer

Reports have claimed that Latisha Chong is dead following her long battle with breast cancer. Latisha was a world-renowned stylist who worked with Tracee Ellis Ross and Serena Williams.

Social media is being bombarded with messages of condolence ever since the news of Latisha’s passing is being reported. The young artist has passed away last month but the news of her passing was not reported widely.

As fans have come to know about her demise now, they are pouring social media platforms with messages of condolence and prayers. Some of her followers were not even aware of her illness thus they are shocked after getting to know her sudden demise.

While Latisha’s fans are in disbelief, here we have broken down everything about her illness, career, and her early life.

Is Latisha Chong Really Dead?

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Yes, unfortunately, the 32-year-old world-renowned stylist has passed away following her battle with cancer. New York Times reported that Latish Chong is dead after a long battle with cancer. The stylist is reported to pass away on July 19th but her fans have just got to know about her death.

Latisha worked without well-known personalities including Tracee Ellis Ross and Serena Williams. She recently also worked on the 2022 September Vogue cover that features Serena Williams.

Talking to The Times about Latisha, the contributing editor of Vogue Gabriella Karefa-Johnson said, “She was one of the tradesmen behind the fashion imagery — the editors, photographers, stylists, and makeup artists — who are expanding the visual landscape to include the people who have always been at the forefront of style … with a lot of us from the diaspora investigating and interrogating our blackness in a very white industry like fashion.”

He further added, She really had a gift, like she could create a whole map in a short head. Her whole family does hair. Some people are gifted and some people are talented but LaTisha was both.”

Latisha also worked with brands like Pattern thus the brand paid a touching tribute to the late artist in their Tweet, Actress Tracee’s beauty brand Pattern wrote:

“In memory of LaTisha Chong, we say farewell as she is laid to rest today. PATTERN salutes her hair artistry. We are so grateful for the contribution she made to our hair story. We had the opportunity to work with LaTisha on our Expand Your Pattern campaign.”

How Did Latisha Chong Die?

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Latisha was born in Trinidad and Tobago as one of three daughters. She moved to the USA with her family when she was six. The artist first worked in US Air Force but later left the service with an honorable medical discharge.

She was a Biology graduate from Charleston Southern University. Latisha completed her graduation in the year 2017. After completing her graduation, she worked with Michelle Jones and was appointed as hair director for Telfar Clemens’ company.

Latisha was counted among the Top 50 New Wave Creatives by the British Fashion Council and her work was also featured in several publications.

Fans are mourning her loss on social media and some fans are left in disbelief. Here is how Latisha’s fans have responded to the news of her demise.

One person wrote on Twitter, “Knew you from before and will know you again. Rest in peace, LaTisha.”

Another added, “A heavy hitter in the industry. She was so kind and giving. Her talent was out of this world. She will be greatly missed.”

Rachel Seville Tashjian the renowned journalist has also responded to the news of her demise saying that her passing is “absolutely heartbreaking”.

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The Last Words

This was all about whether or not Latisha Chong is dead. Hopefully, you have got the answer you were looking for.

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