Maryam Al Afifi Smiled Despite Of Being Arrested

As the Israeli military strikes continue in Occupied Jerusalem, several Palestinians have been injured. During this tense scenario a video is going viral on internet that features a woman, Maryam Al Afifi smiling at the time of arrest.

The Israeli raids on Gaza started after a week of tension over the forced expulsion of Palestinians from their houses in Sheikh Jarrah. The situation worsened when Israeli force raided the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque (the third holiest site in Islam) in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The raid left hundreds of worshippers wounded. Following the situation, protests broke out inside Israel and across all occupied territories. Hamas, the Palestinian faction also retaliated and launched rockets towards Israel.

Thousands of people from all around the world have gathered in big cities across the globe to protest against Israeli attacks. Protestors have expressed their solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians.

Who Is Maryam Al Afifi

Image Of Who Is Maryam Al Afifi

During the Israel-Palestine conflict several videos have gone viral on internet. Most of the videos featured, destruction made by Israeli air strikes and the wounded Palestinians sobbing helplessly. Among these videos, one video that has stunned the internet users across the globe is the video of Maryam Al Afifi being arrested by Israeli forces.

The video shows, Maryam being beaten and dragged by her scarf by the Israeli force. What has amazed the people is Maryam’s calmness and smile. While she was being dragged and beaten, there was no fear on her face; she kept smiling as if she was not afraid of explosions, bullets, and arrests.

During the video Maryam kept saying that she doesn’t want the Palestinian children to be bought up in fear. She further added that, they will no longer have fear on their faces. Upon being asked about why she was arrested Maryam responded that she was arrested for rescuing a girl from violence.

Maryam Afifi Palestine

Image Of Maryam Afifi Palestine

Maryam Al Afifi is a member of Palestine Youth Orchestra. She was handcuffed by Israeli soldiers as she tried to rescue a girl from being beaten. The video shows the Israeli soldiers dragging the young girl by her scarf.

While being held on a road side, Al Afifi questioned the soldier who was tasked to keep an eye on her: “This is what you wanted to be when you were a child? To be on the side of oppressors?”

Al Afifi asked the soldier, “What did I do? Just defending a girl who was being beaten? That’s why I am arrested now? Defending people that are going to be kicked out of their houses. How do you feel? No, I know that you are a human and maybe you have a family.

You have kids? Do you want your kids to grow up and grow up old defending the wrong side? Defending the oppressor? This is what you wanted to be when you were young? When you were a child? To be on the wrong side, this is what you wanted? When you were a child, dreaming to grow up and having big dreams, this is what you wanted? To be on the side of oppressor?”

While she bombarded the soldier with so many similar questions the soldier decided to remain silent.

Palestinian Woman Smiles After Being Arrested

The brave Palestinian woman has given a message of bravery to rest of the world. As soon as the video went viral on Internet, users have applauded her bravery. Talking about her bravery, Twitter users have said that Maryam’s smile has given a message of defeat to the forced occupations by the oppressors.

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Bottom Line

As the war between Israel and Palestine has intensified, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the attacks on Gaza, which have targeted some 500 Hamas and other Islamic positions since Monday, would intensify in the coming days.

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