Kill My Phone Instagram Story – Logic Behind This Glitch

“Kill My Phone Instagram Story” is currently the viral talk on Instagram. This viral phrase is related to an Instagram account’s story that crashes your phone as soon as you open the story. Here is the back story of this viral glitch on Instagram.

Having 500 million daily users, Instagram is the most celebrated social media platform. This platform is also known for its smooth functionality but a recent glitch has left the users in awe. This glitch is created by a user for fun purposes, but Instagram users don’t seem happy with it.

It has been more than a week now, but the riddle behind this glitch isn’t solved yet. The creator considers it a secret and he has avoided talking about the technology behind it. Here’s everything you need to know about the “Kill My Phone Instagram Story” glitch.

What Is Kill My Phone Instagram Story

According to the grapevine, if you try to open the story highlight provided on the Instagram account of “@pgtalal”, then it will close your Instagram and crash your phone.

As so many users have attempted to try the phenomenon it has now become a viral glitch. Users are reaching this account just to check if the glitch is really there and they are ending up crashing their phones.

Many Instagram users and developers have checked this glitch to know the secret behind it but nobody has succeeded. The creator himself has also maintained silence over it. So there was no clue until Arun Maini, a UK-based tech YouTuber came up with the conclusion.

According to the tech YouTuber Arun Maini, Pgtalal, the creator of this glitch is a 14-year-old hacker. Pgtalal has programmed this Instagram story glitch by writing several codes that send requests to Instagram servers. Upon asking about the glitch, Pgtalal said, he wants it to remain a secret.

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Next Story Will Close Your Instagram

As the phenomenon has become massively popular, experts have also hopped into it. Some experts have also tried to break the coding behind this glitch. Ananay Arora, a security researcher at Arizona State University, US has also talked about this viral glitch. on his Instagram.

Considering the concerns of users Ananay has also posted about it on Twitter. He said, “The Instagram story highlight has a quiz, countdown, and a question on the story. It is way out of bounds and the size is HUGE. This causes a rendering issue.”

Ananay Arora further explained that the highlight created by “Pgtalal” includes a combination of Instagram stickers (a countdown, a poll, and a question) that are enormously large in size.

Normally, the Instagram stickers have a height and width of 0 to 1 but “Pgtalal” has mentioned stickers that are scaled to dimensions in quintillions, hence they have formed a glitch.

He has also talked about another Instagram glitch created by a malicious Instagram account lately. This glitch was programmed with right-to-left characters rendered alongside some new line characters, reverse line feed character and some other special chars” that should be stripped by Instagram’s API.

It is also reported that Pgtalal has used an HTTP Proxy to use the huge stickers that allow him to modify things and post them before they reach the application’s servers. This way he has got the opportunity to change the sticker size to an enormous limit. If you have mistakenly tapped on this malicious story then you may have to reboot your phone.

Bottom Line

As it is still unknown why this glitch was created, we would suggest you avoid clicking on the story. If you come across this malicious account or any of your friends ask you to open the story, then simply ignore it.

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