Orlando Airport Closing Due To Hurricane Idalia? Is It True?

According to the latest updates Orlando Airport is closing due to Hurricane Idalia. Both tourists and locals are worried and are looking to know if it’s true or not. If you are among them here is all you need to know about Orlando airport.

Many of the users are wondering if Orlando Airport is closing as Hurricane Idalia nears the coast of Florida. On Tuesday, August 29, Idalia became a stronger hurricane while passing over Cuba. It had winds of 75 mph. The storm is predicted to get even stronger and hit Florida later this week. As Hurricane Idalia gets stronger and gets closer, the Orlando Airport is getting ready to temporarily close. They want to keep passengers, staff, and the whole Airport safe as the storm gets closer to the area.

Hurricane Idalia, which intensified over Cuba with winds of 75 mph, is forecasted to grow even stronger before making landfall in Florida later this week. This has prompted authorities at the Orlando Airport to take precautionary measures to ensure everyone’s safety. Closing the airport will prevent passengers from being stranded in the midst of the storm and allow the Airport’s staff to secure the facilities and equipment.

Is Orlando Airport Closing Due To Hurricane Idalia?

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According to the latest updates, there is no official confirmation of closing the Orlando Airport. They made official updates about the airport where they said, Orlando Airport remains open and is operating as usual. Further, they added on X (Twitter), “We continue to monitor the status of Tropical Storm Idalia to identify any potential extent of impact to Airport operations,” 

“Meetings are taking place throughout the day with Airport leadership and partnering agencies,” the airport continued. “We’re currently open and operational. If operational changes occur, we’ll make sure to post about it. Please make sure to verify with your airline directly for any updates in regards to your specific flight.”

So it is pretty clear that the Orlando Airport is not closed yet. The airport is open and operational until we have an official update about the closing of Orlando Airport. It is good news for locals and tourists as well. Although there are chances of delays and cancellations. These decisions will be taken according to the situation. If the hurricane hits Orlando it is possible to close the Airport for safety measures. 

More Updates About Orlando Airport

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Orlando International Airport is located about six miles southeast of Downtown Orlando. It’s the seventh busiest airport in the United States. In the year 2021, it had a lot of people getting on planes, around 19,618,838 travelers. This made it the busiest airport in Florida and a favorite for tourists from all around the world.

Orlando Airport is communicating closely with passengers who have scheduled flights during the expected closure period. Airlines are working to reschedule flights or offer alternatives to affected passengers. It is crucial for travelers to stay informed about their flight status through official airline channels and the airport’s communication platforms.

In the new report, the National Hurricane Center shared that the storm was about 85 miles north of the western tip of Cuba and 370 miles southwest of Tampa. They told us that Idalia is going to quickly become much stronger and might bring very risky and life-threatening flooding from the ocean.

Some places near the coast of Florida have been told about the hurricane and are being asked to leave to be safe before the storm comes. This is expected to happen on Wednesday.

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Final Thoughts

This was the latest update on the closing of Orlando Airport. Hopefully, this information was helpful for you.

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