Is Bella Robson Clothing Scam? Scam Website Goes Viral On TikTok

Users on TikTok are talking about the viral Bella Robson Clothing website and they believe it to be a scam. Users have shared hundreds of videos claiming that the website is a huge scam. Here is more about the viral scam site Bella Robson Clothing.

TikTok users play a role in unveiling dishonest or fraudulent websites that might be operating on the platform. They do this by creating and sharing videos that highlight the characteristics of these scam sites, warning others about their deceptive nature. These videos might discuss common tactics used by scammers, such as offering unrealistic deals, fake products, or phishing attempts to steal personal information.

By exposing these scam sites, TikTok users aim to inform and protect their fellow users from falling victim to fraudulent activities. This kind of community-driven vigilance helps to create a safer online environment by raising awareness and enabling individuals to identify and avoid potential scams. It showcases the proactive approach of social media users in looking out for each other’s best interests.

The latest scam site that users are talking about is Bella Robson Clothing and below we have concluded whether this viral site is a scam or not. Keep reading to get all the details.

Is Bella Robson Clothing Really A Scam?

Image Of Is Bella Robson Clothing Really A Scam

On August 30th, worries regarding the website emerged when a user inquired of her followers whether they had ever purchased Bella Robson’s affordable sweatshirts.

Priced at just $4.99 for a graphic Halloween sweatshirt, supposedly slashed from $65, these prices are most likely too good to be credible.

The video portrays the TikTok user clicking on the advertisement within the platform, which subsequently redirects them to the store’s website.

The content creator shared a video with a message accompanied by a crying emoji: “Has anyone purchased anything from this site and actually received their items? I placed an order today and I’m concerned it might be a scam.”

The header of the website asserts the company’s name as Bella Robson Clothing. However, upon closer examination, we have discovered that the URL does not match the brand name.

The URL, specifically, was looked up in the Google search bar, and the top result was an almost identical URL: Interestingly, the website now appears to be a men’s shopping platform named Filson.

Filson is a well-known outerwear brand based in Seattle. It’s important to note that the official website URL for the legitimate Filson brand is

Bella Robson Clothing Scam Or Legit?

Image Of Bella Robson Clothing Scam Or Legit

Users have responded to the video sharing their experience with the website. One user said, “I ordered also. No email confirmation, but they took the money. Then I just checked my bank account and they took another .15¢”

Another added, “Me too! I didn’t receive a confirmation email, and the money got taken out”.

“I ordered two and got a confirmation email. But no estimated date of arrival so now I’m nervous”, wrote one.

A clothing boutique titled Serene In Solitude has also responded to the video saying, “Please be careful everyone. This site is not real, the video they are using is mine. My only website is”

Serene In Solitude showcases the very same sweatshirts as those displayed on Bella Robson’s platform, offering them at a more plausible cost of $33. Their website additionally incorporates customer reviews and connections to social media profiles. Notably, the Florida Department Of State’s website registers a company named Serene In Solitude LLC, which aligns with the company name provided at the bottom of the brand’s webpage.

In contrast, Bella Robson does not provide any links to its social media accounts.

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The Final Thoughts

This was all the available information about Is Bella Robson Clothing is a scam or a legit site. Hopefully, this information was helpful.

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