PUBG Unban In India: The News About Launch Of PUBG Mobile India

It would be not correct to say that PUBG is one of the best royale battle game played around the globle. Also it is very famous in India. The article is mainly about PUBG unban in India

But back in September 2020, Indian Government banned Tiktok including 118 other Chinese owned apps in India. There has since been demands from the Public in India to lift the ban on it.

But there are news floating around that the ban will be lifted in India soon. To what extent this news is true? Don’t worry and don’t get anxious because this article is going to discuss it all.

Indian Ban On PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile was widely played in India till its ban. Both the main and Lite versions of the game has millions of download and its user base was also increasing. But, unfortunately, the government of India banned the game in the month of September.

The reason for the ban was its alleged involvement in the activities which could have bad implications for the sovereignty, integrity and defence of India. As a result of this, technology ministry removed it from both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Those who already had the app were able to play it until recently because the Indian servers were turned off.

Meanwhile, PUBG corporation struggled to bring it back to its Indian users. It announced that it will distribute the game independently while nullifying the distribution rights of Tencent games. Reports suggest that it also tried to linked with Reliance  Jio or Airtel for a comeback. But both of these did not help in its comeback.

Image of Expected Unban Dates

Until recently, PUBG Corporation announced that the game is going to come back in India in a completely different form.

Details about PUBG Mobile India

The customized version of the official PUBG game will have a twist for Indian contest and it will be called PUBG Mobile India.  If will be also separated from global version and will be customized like Chinese and Korean versions.

The changes may include virtual simulation training ground settings, fully clothed characters from the start of the game, green blood instead of red and some restrictions on the game time.  The restriction on the timing will improve the habits of youth.

Apart from these built-in changes, PUBG corporation is intended to open a subsidiary is India with around 100 employees to give the best localize services and enhance the communication with gamers.

To enhance the privacy of the players, PUBG corporation will conduct regular audits and verifications on the servers containing the data of the players. Thus it has made the security of players its priority.

Launch Date for PUBG Mobile India

No any official date for launching has been announced and they said it will be coming soon. Moreover there is no any confirmation from the government about allowing the game in India.

The Indian government seems to be indifferent to these new customized versions. They are firm that until the PUBG Corporation actually addresses its concerns it will remain unfazed about any other action by PUBG Corp.

PUBG has also released some multiple video teasers and initiated a website promoting PUBG Mobile India. The teasers feature some the prominent personalities of PUBG like Jonathon, Dynamo and others. The website contain yet only little information — with just a banner of coming soon and some social media links.

Image of when will pubg unban in india

The people, particularly the users seem to be very happy with these advancement towards its coming back. They think that no any other game can substitute it and have ever created such a frenzy. Some of the players also think that they are indifferent towards the customized version as it is just a cosmetic to suit Indian mentality. They like any version of the game.

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Unequivocally, it can be said that people are eagerly waiting for the ban to lift. They want it anyway whether with changes or without it. The PUBG Unban in India is still needed to be resolved by the governement.

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