Number 7 Tiktok — The Viral Tiktok Video Of A Football Team

The social media has the power to give celebrity status to every ordinary individual. An ordinary person can go viral on internet or any of the Social media apps just by posting a video. The condition is that your video should have that unique entertaining element which people often like. This became exactly the case of Number 7 Tiktok.

Number 7 Tiktok 

You may have actually encountered the video of an American high school football team. This video has gone viral. In the video, you will see a bunch of football players dancing over the song Eenie Meenie. In the video, Livonia Stevenson football player, Caden Woodall seems to be doing some jumps and lip syncing in the middle of their chorus room with other players circled around him and also dancing over the song.

The people, especially girls got obsessed with this and even more with the player who was wearing the number 7 shirt. The guy is Caden Woodall. So this is now called, “Are you on Number 7 Tiktok”.

The Viral Video

These are the players of Spartans school football team which is in Michigian. In the video, all of the players are wearing their uniform and they are dancing and singing in their locker room.

Strange right because this seems a very normal video of dancing players but how it got viral. This is all because of the person who tweeted it. It was tweeted by  Alex Hamstead @rawrits.alex (also a student of Stevenson) who has over 200 thousand followers. Apparently, she is the videographer of the Spartans team.

Image of What is number 7 tiktok

The views of this video were 2 million which is ten times higher than the number of her followers. Thus, the video got widely viewed but eventually removed by her. After that someone else reposted it, and it was again viewed 112,000 times in just one hour. It was widely shared on outlets like Barstool Sports page on Tiktok and Twitter as well.

Who is Caden Woodall?

The person who got really famous after the posting of this video is Caden Woodall. Girls are looking more obsessed with him as they found him handsome.

Caden on whom the girls are crushing over has also been nominated ‘Player of the Year’ at his own school.

Girls are expressing their crush for him on Twitter and some want to have him. The video also became a source for increasing his fan base on social media. He has gained so far 170,000 fans on Tiktok and the number is still increasing.

Though he is new to the platform and posted his first video few days ago. His video gained over 1 million views in just one hour which is huge. His fans are no doubt mostly high school aged girls. Also many cropped versions of the original video are floating with the segment where Caden is in the focus.

Image of Spartans number 7 tiktok

Woodall also expressed his views about such overwhelming response that he is just a regular kid and says that he is not complaining rather liking the fan following by girls of his age because he is not his girlfriend.

Number 7 Related Videos on Tikok

Many users must be seeing all the posts related to Spartans football team in the For You page of their Tiktok. This is because the tikok is designed in a such a way that it shows the videos which are mostly viewed and searched in the app. It is also showed mostly related videos to the one’s the user searches.

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It can be seen that the Number 7 Tiktok has given a huge fan following over the internet to all of the Spartans Football team. We thus can not deny the incredible effects of social media.

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