Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge — Here’s How To Complete It

The Sims 4 challenge is about going through all generations so that your sim completes zodiac sign aspiration for each of these generations and then find a compatible spouse. The challenge is quite simple, but you must know the traits and aspirations of each of the generations.

This article will provide a detailed description about every Zodiac sign and their aspirations. We will also enlighten you with the basic rules and tips for a clean sweep. Keep Scrolling!

Adding some unique challenges is an amazing way to spice up any gameplay. These challenges are the best things to add when the game turn boring. To spice up things, the Sims 4 has rolled a challenge based on astrological signs. The challenge is especially designed for the people who are conscious about the zodiac signs and their compatibilities.

Before this challenge, a similar challenge was offered for players. The challenges comprised of different tasks for every player, these tasks were assigned on the basis of player’s astrological sign. For example, considering the competitive and fiery nature of Aries, they were asked to become a millionaire.

Similarly, other zodiac signs were given a variety of tasks according to their nature. This time the challenge is quite different, here is how to complete it.

What Is Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge

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Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge is a new challenge rolled out for players. The challenge asks the players to complete cycle of all 12 generations and play as all zodiac signs. Players will need to follow the exact order of the zodiac signs, starting from Aquarius and end at Capricorn. Also know that, your sim’s gender doesn’t matter at all.

Before you start with the challenge, you should memorize the following rules.

  • Keep your sim’s lifespan on normal.
  • You can’t cheat at any stage of game.
  • Don’t use the mods that give you any kind of advantage
  • If you save your sim from dying, then you can’t do or use it.
  • Your sim can age up using a birthday cake.

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How To Do Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge

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To complete the challenge, you have to repeat the following steps for each zodiac generation.

Firstly, you have to start with Aquarius. Create a sim and set them to young adult. Choose the traits for them (traits for each zodiac sign will be discussed later). These traits should be according to their zodiac sign. Now, choose aspirations for your sim, choosing one that matches their sign will be a plus. Following this, you will need to move your sim to the biggest lot possible and then bulldoze it.

Now you are ready to find a compatible spouse. Following this, you have to have children and keep in mind that your children need to match at least 2 traits of the next zodiac sign.

Here is the detail of zodiac signs along with their traits and aspirations so that you can complete the challenge easily.

Aquarius, Traits (Creative, Genius, Music/Art Lover) Aspirations (Painter Extraordinaire, Musical Genius, Bestselling Author, Renaissance Sim)

Pisces Traits (Insane, Artistic, Art Lover) Aspirations (Painter Extraordinaire)

Aries Traits (Hot-Headed, Active) Aspiration (Bodybuilder)

Taurus Traits (Ambitious, Snob, Foodie, Glutton, Materialistic) Aspirations (Master Chef, Fabulously Wealthy, Mansion Baron)

Gemini Traits (Active, Genius, Loves the Outdoors) Aspirations (Any Nature, Bodybuilder)

Cancer Traits (Family Oriented, Romantic, Loner, Slob) Aspiration (Freelance Botanist, Big Happy Family, Successful Lineage, Soulmate)

Leo Traits (Ambitious, Artistic, Good, Snob) Aspiration (Fabulously Wealthy, Mansion Baron, Musical Genius)

Virgo Traits (Bookworm, Genius, Neat, Perfectionist) Aspirations (Professional Author)

Libra Traits (Artistic, Commitment Issues, Hates Children) Aspirations (Freelance Botanist,Professional Author)

Scorpio Traits (Active, Evil, Genius) Aspirations (Public Enemy, Chief of Mischief, Bodybuilder)

Sagittarius Traits (Active, Childish, Commitment Issues, Good, Hates Children) Aspirations (Bodybuilder, Outdoor Enthusiast)

Capricorn Traits (Ambitious, Geek, Perfectionist, Snob) Aspirations (Computer Whiz)

Final Thoughts

The Sims 4 Zodiac Challenge will be really easy to complete if you follow the above provided rules and tips. Wish you good luck with the challenge.

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