Am I Eligible App — The Online Tool Launched By NY State

As the Corona Vaccines have now rolled into the market, New York state has launched a new app “Am I Eligible App” to help people know whether they are eligible for the vaccine or not. The application is quite simple to use. Here is how it determines your eligibility. Keep reading!

After a long and harsh battle with Corona Virus finally people have heard a good news. The Corona vaccines are rolling over form the shelves to directly the arms of people hailing from various countries. New Yorker’s are also among those people how are waiting for this much need vaccine. The vaccines will be given to people in different phases and it will be a long process.

After hearing about the vaccine delivery phase, people are curious to know if they are eligible for the vaccine right now. To help all these people, New York state has come up with a new application. This application will help people to determine their eligibility. Here’s how it actually works, keep reading!

What Is Am I Eligible App

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Am I Eligible App, is a new platform that will help the New Yorker’s during the Corona vaccine delivery phase. If the residents are eligible for this vaccine, then the app will direct them about the location from where they can schedule an appointment.

According to the primary information, the vaccine will be given to the most vulnerable and frontline workers first. Following the federal government’s vaccine rollout plan, New York is currently in the Phase 1A.

The people who will receive this vaccine initially include, patient-facing hospital healthcare workers, nursing home and assisted living facility residents and staff, EMT volunteers and staff, and those who are administering the vaccine.

Though there isn’t enough information about the next phase of vaccination. But according to CDC’s Website, people of all ages with underlying illnesses and who are at significant risk and older adults living in congregate settings will be the next to be vaccinated.

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How To Use Am I Eligible App

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Am I Eligible App is an online tool that will provide details about pharmacies that will be administering the COVID-19 vaccines. Users should also note that only some of pharmacies will be eligible to provide the vaccine. The pharmacies who have authority to provide the vaccine have already begun scheduling appointments to anyone who falls under the Phase 1 category.

The application is quite simple to use. It is available online for the residents of New York state. Once you provide all your details to this app, it will tell you if you are eligible for the vaccine or not. If you are eligible, it will further guide you about the administration centers for information and to schedule appointments.

This application has ended so many rumors and fake news spread by general public. Talking about the Corona Vaccine phases and their arrangements Governor Andrew Cuomo added the following comments,

“While we’re trying to control COVID with one hand, we’re trying to defeat it with the other. And the vaccine is the weapon that will win this war.,” he further added “Getting this vaccine out is going to be the single greatest operation government has ever had to accomplish. And we’re taking bold actions to ensure it is delivered swiftly and equitably for all New Yorkers.”

“Not only are all health care workers–the heroes who have taken care of us throughout this entire pandemic. Now eligible to receive their first dose, but we are taking steps to ensure providers expedite vaccinations. Resources are in place to vaccinate the general public, and bad actors looking to game the system are held accountable,” he further discussed.

Concluding Words

This was all about the new Am I Eligible App launched by the New York Government. Hope you have got enough information about this useful online tool.

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