“Snapchat Dysmorphia” Alarming For Plastic Surgeons

Apps such as Snapchat and others offer users photographic filters that change their look in a very different way.  Snapchat dysmorphia and Instagram as well as other social media apps come under fire to discuss nowadays. These apps are being increasingly used. It is causing more and more youngsters to alter and edit their faces to modify their actual appearance.

Snapchat Dysmorphia should be discussed because our society is becoming more and more preoccupied. It obsess with social media and images and photographs and what we look like.

What Is Snapchat Dysmorphia?

When compared to a better-looking self, you may think ‘that’s a potential me. By this kind of comparison, you may see the potential of being prettier. Or you may assimilate that image to your self-image. That assimilation may cause you to think ‘I look pretty good’. ‘I may look as good as this if I make a little bit of effort on myself.’”

Today’s generation can’t escape ‘the Truman effect’ because from birth they are born into an age of social platforms. Where their feelings of self-worth can be based purely on the number of likes and followers that they have, which is linked to how good they look or how great these images are. It’s kind of like living a fantasy. You’re creating this perfect image of yourself. That’s common in people with body dysmorphic disorder, but it’s never perfect for them. They feel like they have to work much harder,” says Mara.

image of snapchat dysmorphia

Is Snapchat Dysmorphia Real?

Social media users have been so much addicted to trying new filters. Their number of visits to plastic surgeons have cranked up. According to the annual American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery survey, selfies continue to be a driving force behind why people wish to get plastic surgery done.

 Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental health disorder. Where in you can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in your appearance. A flaw that appears minor or can’t be seen by others. But you may feel so embarrassed, ashamed and anxious that you may avoid many social situations.

When you have body dysmorphic disorder, you intensely focus on your appearance and body image. You repeatedly checking the mirror, grooming or seeking reassurance, sometimes for many hours each day. Someone perceived flaw and the repetitive behaviors cause you significant distress. It impact your ability to function in your daily life.

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Snapchat Dysmorphia And Plastic Surgery

There have been studies previously that show that young patients may often ask for cosmetic changes. It makes them resemble celebrities. Now the trend is to appear slimmer and more symmetrical and smoother as the persons appear after using editing tools. These filters can sharpen the nose, augment lips and widen eyes add the writers. They write, “This is an alarming trend because those filtered selfies often present an unattainable look and are blurring the line of reality and fantasy for these patients.”

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America around one person in 50 suffers from body dysmorphic disorder, who suffer from misperceptions regarding their bodies that can impair their daily lives significantly. These individuals may depress and may isolate themselves and remain unemployed. Many of these individuals suffer from obsessive compulsive disorders and may have suicidal thoughts.


We conclude that the common man is losing perspectives on what he/she actually looks like due to these two social media applications. The term “Snapchat Dysmorphia” was thus brought to life. The two main applications in question included Snapchat and Instagram, both of which have 187-million and 600-million daily active users.

These two applications provide filters that allow users to change their skin tone, soften fine lines and wrinkles, alter the size of their eyes, lips, and cheeks, and change various aspects of their physical appearance.

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