Error 6 In Pokémon Go — How To Fix It?

Came across the Error 6 In Pokémon Go? Don’t worry! We will help you fix the error. Pokémon Go has always been our favorite as it has shown a whole new world of family bonding. It has changed the way of life for so many of us. We are now able to manage our time better with Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go is a mobile game where every player is in race of collecting more Pokémons. The players can play battles and they may also team up to play the battle against their rivals. The game is available on play store. You can easily download the game for free and play the most amazing game of the game world.

Currently, the Pokémon Go players have flooded the internet with queries and comments regarding a new error they are experiencing. This article will address this error, (Error 6 in Pokémon Go) that almost every player in the world is facing.

Every time the users are trying to open the game, a notification on their screen flashes saying, Sorry Error 6 Occurred. You can try fixing it by using some simple ways like restarting the game. If it is still not working, there is nothing to worry about! Read on, together we will find the solution.

What Is Error 6 In Pokémon Go

Image Of What Is Error 6 In Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go players all around the world, are getting trouble to play as they are getting an unknown error saying “Sorry Error 6 Occurred”. As soon as the error occurred, players started searching for the reason behind this error. Players on different platforms are seeking help form their friends to fix the error.

Many of the players have complained about the error as it kicks them out of the battle field in no time!

While in battle, the game suddenly stops working and the users see the Pokémon Go Error 6 on their screen. This has disappointed the players as they have lost so many battles just because of this error. Since then players are probing on almost every platform to know how to fix it and get into the battle field again.

How To Fix Error 6 In Pokémon Go

As the Pokémon Go players are keenly waiting for a quick fix (which actually does not exist till now), the players may try the proceeding methods to solve the error.

If you are lucky enough, the following workarounds may work for you.

  1. Turn off your internet connection and wait for a while. Now turn on it again and check the game status.
  2. Turn off your game, and restart form the beginning
  3. Uninstall the game, reinstall it later and check if it works.
  4. You may also check by refreshing your internet connection.
  5. If the battle starts, you are lucky enough to have solved the error
  6. There are also chances that you might get expelled, if it happens click on the Gym.

This is how you can try fixing the error till any permanent solution is provided for the players.

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The players of Pokémon Go are eager to know the quick fix for Error 6 In Pokémon Go. They have complained about the error over so many platforms but they have got no response to their concerns till now. All of them are keenly waiting for the solution so that they can play their most favorite game with no trouble.

Until the solution is added to the online database of Pokémon Go, players are advised to try some fixes of other error codes of Pokémon Go. We just hope that Pokémon Go Hub will address the issue very soon!

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