How To Fix U16 Error In Google Pay?

Are you facing U16 Error in Google Pay? Then do give a read to the article below.

Google Pay is one of the online payment services offered by Google Inc. with several other services. The app also came into limelight because of the Go India game where it gave you an opportunity to win Kaziranga ticket and other tickets by making some purchases/payments using Google Pay or sampling recharging your phone using the app.

But recently an error is occurring on the Google Pay and annoying the users. The error is termed as U16 Error in Google Pay. Another name for the error is payment declined error.

The errors with the payment apps are very common. Server down and payment errors are usually encountered by users online when they perform any transactions regardless of the network they will have service down errors.

U16 Error in Google Pay

This is the most common error occurred on the app. Thus, this is the most dominant error among all the errors of Google Pay. It is very common for different banks and these payment apps to keep a transaction limit for a day. So this error is related to that limit. Like all other transaction apps, if you reach the transaction limit or risk threshold limit on Google Pay, it will pop up this error.  

This is not the only reason for the U16 Error. If you perform multiple failed attempts in entering you pin, the receiving end usually halts the transaction and you get this error. The transaction can also be declined by the receiving end on some other reasons like limited cash in your account. In all these cases you will get the U16 error. Some extreme cases may involve closing the transactions around one to two days.

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If this is the case, you can easily solve by just re-entering your pin correctly or waiting for the transactions to be restored after the stoppage.

But there is quite another reason you may encounter U16. It is when you have multiple accounts linked to you Google Pay. This causes an issue with your UPI ID which in turn become cause for this error

Quick Fix For U16 Error in Google Pay

First of all make sure all of your information linked with Google Pay is up-to date including your name, address and all the payment information. All of these information is in your profile and you can edit it.

Another thing to try is take actions on all errors/requests under the Payment Centre tab in Google Pay.

If all of your information is correct and there is also enough balance in your account, then call your bank to make sure if there is any other issue with your bank.

To confirm the error has resolved, try another transaction.

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If you have multiple accounts associated with Google Pay and are encountering this error then you should try some of the following steps to fix it. This fix involves changing your UPI ID of the bank and enabling another bank to perform your transactions.

  1. Firstly, open the Payment Methods/Bank Accounts in the Settings of your Google Pay.
  2. All the listed banks will show up under this tab. From there you will find an edit button at end of the name of each bank.
  3. For instance you are facing issue with XYZ bank, the UPI ID change will enable another bank for the transaction from the list.
  4. This means by default, Google Pay selects one bank for your transactions but editing the UPI ID enables another bank to perform the transaction.

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So, it is clear that there are two main reasons for this error: Exceed on the threshold of daily limit on transactions and multiple times wrong pin entry. I am sure the above steps for to resolve this error will work. If not then wait for the halt to lift from your transactions.  

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