What Happened to Masoja Msiza? Is He Dead or Alive?

People post everything on social media whether it is real or fake they don’t bother. They do this to gain as many views and likes. Specially YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are full of false information.

The same is the problem with TV news channels, they broadcast mainly false news to gain TRP. These days there is news on social media about Masoja Msiza on the internet. The question is what happened to Masoja Msiza?

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We should not believe in any kind of news until and unless you read on or hear it from a reliable source. People spread rumors to get the attention of people. Social media users are like we are bored and there is nothing to do, just make a fake post and enjoy the drama.

What Happened to Masoja Msiza?

Masoja Masiza is an actor, musician, and poet in South Africa, born on October 5` 1964. He became famous after representing Nkunzi Mhlongo in ‘Uzalo’ an award-winning television soap opera. The actor has divorced his wife and he has two daughters and one son.

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The actor has also appeared in many other TV series including, Zabalaza, Ya Lla, Mfolozi Street, Sokhulu & Partners, iNkaba, Mtuzini.com, and many others. He started his acting career when he was only nine and at that time he was in school. After done with school he started working in a mining project.

At present, there are rumors regarding his death on the internet. The reason for death is unknown. But according to one source, he died in a fatal car accident on September 3, 2020. Is this news fake or real? We should get to the reality to know the truth without listening to the rumors.

What Happened to Nkunzi from Uzalo? Is He Alive or Dead?

The news about Masoja Msiza is not real. This is just a developed story by someone. He is alive and the news about his death is baseless. The Twitter account of famous soap opera ‘Uzalo’ made it clear twitting “Nkunzi from Uzalo is very much alive and well.”

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People who are still worried about what happened to Nkunzi from Uzalo are advised to be calm. Nothing has happened to him. Even he has posted a video on social media shaming the people who made fake news about his death. This is just a rumor and rumors spread like a flood in a very short time.

Just to create hype people spread false information. Especially the news of the death of someone famous. Otherwise, no one gives attention to such news.

Maybe someone who is against him has intentionally spread this fake news. But sorry you are wrong, and you should be ashamed of yourself to spread such kind of fake news.

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You should not believe in any kind of information posted on social media. People post such false information just to seek attention or to gain views and likes. Most of the fake news relates to the death of any celebrity, focusing their fans to read the news or watch the video. Never trust the news of any celebrity’s death until it is confirmed by their family or any other reliable source.

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