What Happened To Phora? Is Phora Alive?

Do you want to know what happened to Phora? The Internet is replete with conspiracies. Like it is a place where a big deal can be made out of nowhere. Who doesn’t like something extra-ordinary?

But there is always a threshold, an extreme that must be respected, no?

Similarly, it was announced that the famous British rapper, Phora, is dead. People who have the habit of browsing their online feeds right after waking up, were devastated at this terrible news.

Is he really dead? Or the limits have been crossed once again?

Actually, it was all hoax. As it happens on social media, people share stuff without fact-checking nor allocating the origin of the source before doing that. As a result, a huge number of people are misguided.

What Happened to Phora? Is He Alive?

The rumors of Phora’s death started making rounds at the tail-end of August. It was all hoax, though.

There were some who speculated that he has been shot at by some unidentified gunman and some went as far as to claim that his death was a result of suicide.

That’s brute; However, it is not the first time that such an incident has taken place on the internet. In past, too, the news of deaths of different celebrities have been announced that had turned out to be fake later on.

When the ‘news’ of Phora’s reached his fans they were simply saddened. It is natural to have some feelings of depression creep inside you, when you hear that someone you once admired is no more.

Same was the case with his followers. When the rumor of Phora’s demise reached a wider audience, fans started grieving for him and posted heart-warming tributes to his person.

One user @Jayygalaxyy said in her tweet: “ It’s been 10 hours with no updates on Phora, nor is he trending anymore. It’s so scary not knowing if he’s even still with us. Regardless of that, continue to pray for him y’all. #phora”

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Now lets delve onto the real thing? How did all the rumors started in the first place?

Well, he was live-streaming on social media where he was seen drinking and on the edge of collapsing. Later, in that stream he starts fighting with someone and ended up in an hospital.

It later came to the fore that he was dealing with anxiety and bouts of depression that led to his eventual breakdown.

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Who is Phora, anyway?

Phora is an acclaimed America rapper who hails from California. His real name is Marco Anthony Archer, he is just 26 years of age.

He has released eight albums in total. In his music he talks about his past struggles. His debut album was Yours Truly Forever, that resonated with music lovers quite well.

Is Phora Dead? What Happened To Phora?

For nice people out there, who are worried for his health and well being, it is important to know how he is doing. He is not dead even there are rumors that he was shot at.

His management is also reticent about his condition. The last time the management posted about his condition was not clear either.

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However, in an updated development, his official twitter account @PHORAONE a message updated that says:

“This was the Last Song Phora submitted before the incident this past weekend. He was hurt. He was broken. Days leading up to the incident Phora was dealing with very serious depression and post traumatic stress.

What happened to Phora was not not a “publicity stunt” for his album. The album was never finished and has yet to be turned in. His album ‘With Love 2”³ has been announced since last year and fans have been anticipating it since then; but as Phora dealt with many mental issues, the album was never completed.

Mental health is an issue that should be taken seriously and not made a mockery of. People are silently fighting battles you know nothing about. We are doing our best, working alongside his family, to get through this together. Everything will be addressed soon.

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The news that is making rounds on social media is not true. Phora is alive.

Lets pray for his recovery.

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