What Happened to Roman Atwood? Is he Back on Social Media Platforms?

I am quite confident that you are among those 15 million subscribers of the vlogging channel of Roman Atwood or out of 2.3 million followers on twitter. In case, you are not then you may have heard about him in any way. But what happened to Roman Atwood?

The celebrity got fame through his prank videos in 2009 and later through his launch of ‘Roman Atwood’ vlogs in 2013. The vlogs consist of daily life activities with his family.

What happened to Roman Atwood?

The followers and fans must be wondering what has happened to Roman Atwood. This is because of the fact that he has been an active vlogger for nearly a decade but since the beginning of the year 2020, he has gone into complete inactivity on all of his social media accounts. 

All of his followers are super anxious about his absence and are worried for making sure that Atwood is fine. There have been even baseless rumors about his death too.

During the time of his absence, his fans posted that they yearn for Atwood or showed their concern for the well being of the family.

What happened to Roman Atwood in 2020?

There is some news of relief for all the fans of Atwood. There is some recent activity on both of his twitter account and Youtube channel. This seems that he has been doing fine. During all the period of his absence and he was on a break from his work.

Lately, on the 7th of July, he posted a photo of his family on his Twitter account. Though the photo does not show the faces clearly and their backs are turned towards the camera. But the photo is itself enough to relieve the fans that Mr. celebrity is doing fine.

Roman Roman Atwood on Twitter

What happened to Roman Atwood vlogs?

Yet another update! On Aug. 18, 2020, after an interlude of almost eight months, Roman shared a video titled “We Will Never Recover.” The thumbnail appeared to show Roman comforting his wife Brittney. So, what actually happened?

It is a fifteen-minute video. In the beginning, Roman Atwood and his daughter are playing with a grasshopper. He then starts talking but he seems out of words to talk though he says there is a lot to talk about.

They then negate all of the rumors about themselves. He admits that there are still some technical difficulties but there has been a huge reason for their absence. Well, unfortunately, the video still didn’t reveal much about their long break.

Theories or rumors linked to his absence

There have been several theories that are floating around. The sensational one is the divorce between Brittney (his wife) and him. He clearly negated this rumor in his recent video.

The Teneighty Magazine has brought the news to the light that many of his followers have postulated theories. These say that his absence is linked to his involvement in a legal case of their Brand Smile More.

The speculation of the fans is due to a video of the Youtuber named “We’re Getting Sued” where Roman told the fans that they were sued over their company.

In their recent video, Atwood remarks that recently he and Brittney have had Noah “every single day”. This has led the fans to generate another theory surrounding the custody issue of Noah between Roman and his ex-wife Shanna Riley.

Though the reason for his break from his online career is still not truly revealed. In his recent video, he has claimed that he will upload another video within the next few days. This should be a source of contentment for his followers that he is back to the scene.

The fans should also avoid believing false rumors and speculating baseless theories as I think he will reveal the true reason soon. If in case he doesn’t reveal the actual cause, the fans should understand that it is a matter of privacy.

Like an ordinary human being he can have his own problems and stuff to deal with.

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