Vitaly loaded On A Stretcher – What Happened To Vitaly?

Have you seen pictures of the famous YouTuber Vitaly being loaded on a stretcher? Want to know What Happened to Vitaly? Keep reading because we are going to answer all your questions.

The 28 Year old, well known YouTuber  Vitaly has shared some pictures on his Instagram story, captioned ‘Broke my neck and back skydiving”. Since then all his followers are curious to know how it happened.

Vitaly’s Ex-girlfriend Kinsey Wolanski is also there with him in the hospital. Kinsey-24 Year old, has also shared some of her stories saying it will take a long span for his recovery.

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy mostly known with his YouTube username VitalyzdTv, is a Russian-American YouTube personality. Vitaly’s YouTube videos, have reached over 1.7 billion views and over 10 million subscribers, while his vlog channel has more than 270 million views and 2.0 million subscribers.

Who Is Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

Image Of Who Is Vitaly

Vitaly, is a Russian-American YouTuber mostly known for his prank videos. He attempted to become a skateboarder in his early ages, but later he did not continue skate boating due to certain injuries. He got his first job as a trash collector. After that he strated working as a sign spinner. After turning 18, he took part in an adult film for the adult entertainment company.

Vitaly received his first success in 2012 with his famous prank video “Miami Zombie Attack”. For shooting this video, he travelled to Maimi. He dressed up as a zombie and scared the people passing by. This video was a big hit and it was viewed for more than 30 Million Times.

In June 2016, Vitaly tried to shoot another prank video but unfortunately he ended behind the bars. As a part of prank he informed a passerby that he only has 60 seconds to get away from the briefcase placed on the road. Upon revealing this whole thing as a prank, Vitaly was attacked by that grumpy man. He also informed the police and Vitaly got arrested against the charges of threatening to detonate a bomb.

After this prank Zdorovetskiy’s YouTube subscribers grew upto four million within a year.

You should also know that Vitaly got arrested several times. He was arrested for invading the FIFA WORLD CUP 2014. Later in 2016, he got arrested for invading the Bollywood sign as a part of video stunt.

He was also arrested for running onto baseball field during a match. He also treid to climb the pyramids of Gaza and ended in Egyptian jail. Later he was charged against attacking a female jogger and got arrested. Currently, Vitaly is facing a ban from attending major sports events due to his criminal record.

What Happened To Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

Followers of Vitaly are curious to know What Happened To Vitaly. Here is the answer. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is having a tough time in hospital these days. According to his social media updates he has broken his neck and back during Skydiving. He also shared some pictures where he was loaded on a stretcher and heading towards hospital.

His Ex-Girlfriend has also confirmed about the incident. She is also sharing updates from the hospital. Upon seeing her beside Vitaly Zdorovetski, the followers were probing if both of them are together again.

In a post she has answered to all these queries by saying “No we’re not back together. I’m being there for him as a friend right now, like I know anybody else would in this situation. So yeah, thank you for your concerns, but no.”

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In his recent post Vitaly Zdorovetski has informed his fans that he is doing better now. He further stated that he doesn’t need any surgery as he can move his legs and he can have food also. But it will take some time for him to get back to the screens. He also has thanked all his fans upon showing concerns regarding his injury.

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