30 Day Mental Health Challenge — Improve Mental Health

If you are worried about your mental health then 30 Day Mental Health Challenge is the best remedy to improve your mental wellness. Improving ones mental health requires dedication and efforts because every muscle in your body needs some workouts to be maintained well. Brain is just a similar muscle that has a core importance in human body.

To have a healthy brain, you may avail services of a therapist or you can also consider Medication and therapy. But if you can’t afford this then we have got you covered with another option. After reading this article you will be able to lessen your anxiety and improve your mental wellness.

This article is comprised of 30 daily challenges that will get you back to the track to have a healthy brain. It will also explain how to complete each task to get a step closer to mental wellness. Let’s learn about all the 30 tasks we need to complete together.

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What Is 30 Day Mental Health Challenge

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The Day Mental Health Challenge is a guide that teaches you to take care of your mental health. It will help you improve your mental condition if you are experiencing anxiety or any other problem related to mental health.

It is basically comprised of 30 challenges that have to be accomplished every day. Even if you follow these tasks for 15-20 days you surely will feel the difference. We would suggest you to be dedicated towards the challenge as it has potential to change your life. The challenge will teach you to focus on self-care and find ways to make physical and mental health a bigger part of your life.

Here the daily tasks for this 30 days challenge,

  1. Do a deep breathing exercise

To kick start the challenge, do a deep breath exercise counting backwards from 10 to 1. Breath low and slow, do it before any important meeting or while meeting your family after a long tire day.

2. Catch Up with An Old Friend

Get back to an old friend who has always been your support system. It will reduce the anxiety and depression

3. Plan A Fun Day

Schedule a holiday or a fun day later this month. Plan something that you always looked forward to.

4. Donate Something

Donate something you really don’t need to ones in dire need of. It may be anything. This god will gesture will give you inner satisfaction.

5. Do Yoga

If you can afford then we would suggest you to attend yoga classes as these can help decrease chronic stress.

6. Plan  A Healthy Meal

This is a universal fact that if you eat well you will feel well. Plan and cook something special for yourself.

7. Ask For Help With Something

Ask your loved ones for help because no one can do it all alone

8. Listen Your Favorite Happy Music

Take out time for yourself to enjoy your favorite music. Sing along with it loudly if you want to feel better.

9. Take out 10 minutes to read something

Read something good and develop a habit to read daily even for few minutes.

10. Go For A Walk

It doesn’t matter what you do or where you live. Spare a moment to walk.

How To Do 30 Day Mental Health Challenge

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11. Budget 20 Minutes of spa time

We would suggest you to spare a budget to pamper yourself. Whether it’s a manicure or a blowout, do whatever makes you feel good

12. Practice Your Favorite Hobby

Do whatever brings you happiness, cooking, gardening, and sketching anything you love.

13. Watch A Movie

Forget all your sufferings by watching a movie for a while.

14. Go To bed 30 minutes earlier

Getting enough sleep will give you a healthier brain. Do not compromise on your sleep.

15. Skip Alcohol For water

Drink water instead of Alcohol, it will save your money and eventually you will feel good.

16. Schedule a game night

Plan a game night with your friends or family.

17. Set a mini goal for yourself

For example, promise yourself not to skip breakfast.

18. Cross a lingering item off your to-do list

Get a slow task done. You will feel relaxed.

19. Compliment someone

Spread smiles and you will get inner peace.

20. Plan a night in with friends

Ask your friends to gather for a comfy pajama party.

21. Try Meditation

Spare 5 minutes in the morning for mediation.

22. Face time with a loved one

Spend time with your family. Seeing them happy will give you mental peace and happiness.

23. Do something outside

Sit outside and soak some Vitamin D form sun or just look at the beauty of sky at night.

24. Go for a date night

Spend some precious moments with your partner. If you are single just call a friend and ask them to join.

25. Unfollow Toxic people on social media

Unfollow all the people who make you feel any bit less-than.

26. Say No to something

Say no when needed. Just take a task off your calendar.

27. Have a phone-free night at home

Put down your phone and spend time with people around you.

28. Watch something funny

Watch a funny video and laugh your heart out.

29. Write about something good that happens today

Just jot all the happy moments down. Develop a habit of writing.

30. Adopt a productive habit

Look back at the last thirty days and adopt a new habit that inspired you during this time period.

Bottom line

Mental health is the foremost thing that needs to be considered. This 30 Day Mental Health Challenge will help you live a happy and prosperous life.

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