100 Days Of Rejection Challenge – Conquer Your Fears

Getting out of comfort zone is the most difficult task to pursue. 100 Days Of Rejection Challenge is a step towards self-development. I believe that, self-development is a lifelong process and you can achieve change only if you start acting instead of just thinking.

This article is about a life Journey that has set an amazing example of getting out of comfort zone and improving with the changing social norms. Further, this article will articulate story of Jia Jiang and his journey of conquering fear and rejection.

The story begun when 30 year old Jia Jiang left his six-figure job in a Fortune company to pursue his dream. Jia Jiang wanted to pursue his startup as he had an opportunity ahead of him. As he left the job, he came to know that the investor is no more interested to invest in Jia Jiang’s business.

This was something that Jia Jiang never thought about. He felt disappointed but one positive thing he experienced was that he conquered his fear of rejection and failure.

What Is 100 Days Of Rejection Challenge

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Right after being rejected by the investor Jia Jiang found a game known as Rejection Therapy in November 2012. The challenge asks people to seek out rejection in their lives. After knowing about the game, Jiang decided to attempt all these challenges. Jiang was now ready to get rejected and to listen No. So, he attempted the following 100 Challenges,

Borrow $100 from a Stranger

Request a “Burger Refill”                                                                              

Ask For Olympic Symbol Doughnuts

Deliver Pizza for Domino’s

Have a Tour in a Grocery Store Warehouse

Play Soccer in Someone’s Backyard

Speak Over Costco’s Intercom

Get Number One Spot in Best Buy’s Thanksgiving Line

Send Stuff to Santa Claus Through Fedex

Listen to Happy Birthday Song When It’s Not My Birthday

Learn Sales From the #2 Car Salesman in the Country

Ask Jackie to Talk to Millions of People

Take an Unregistered Exam

Give $5 to Five Random People

Be a Live Mannequin at Abercrombie

Ring a Bell for the Salvation Army

Borrow a Dog From the Humane Society

Give Weather Forecast on Live TV

Make Announcement on a Southwest Flight

Have Jeff Probst Sing a Song to My Son

Ask Strangers for Compliments

Get “Thai Torture” at Amy’s Ice Creams

Be a Greeter at Starbucks

Exchange Training With a Personal Trainer

Dance With a Dancing Santa

Give a Lecture to College Student

Get Donation For Charity on The Street

Make a Sale For Best Buy

Learn Making Chai Tea From Barista

Slide Down the Firepole at a Firestation

Be a Santa to a Santa

Get a Free Room at a Hotel

Grill My Own Meat at Salt Lick

Find a Job in One Day

Ask a Girl Out to Dinner

Trim My Hair at PetSmart

Dry-clean My Tire

Challenge a CEO to a Staring Contest

Race a Random Person

Partner Up to Buy Lottery

Sit in Police Car’s Driver Seat

Write an Article for Businessweek

Hug a Walmart Greeter

Dance on Security Camera

Put Sunglasses on Random People

Borrow $100 Bills From Bank for Paper Plane Fight

Pump Gas for Strangers

Bike Race at Toys R Us

Interview a Panhandler

My Only Day at New Job

Make My Own Sandwich at Subway

Be Like a Southwest Pilot

Ask Zappos Employees to Gangnam Style

Dance With My Waitress

Get a Private Jet Ride From Tony Hsieh

Attend a Random Superbowl Party

Buy Quarter of a Shrimp

Name My Own Price at Dollar Tree

Set Up a Printer Stand at Starbucks

My First College Lecture

Plant a Flower In Someone’s Yard

Sell Cookies for the Girl Scouts

Evil Queen and the Six Snow Whites

Work at a Whataburger Drive-Through

Sleep at Mattress Firm

Rejection for Everyone

Observe a Highschool Class

Exchange Secrets with Strangers

Buy Fresh Fruit at Jamba Juice

Get a Discount at Target

Change Coffee Shop’s WIFI Password

Be The Worst Salesman Possible

Learn Spanish at Supermarket

Hire a Job Seeker On the Spot

Make Pie with My Own Ingredients

Get a Live Interview on Radio

Fix a PC at the Apple Store

What Happens When Trying to Feed a Lion

McDonald’s Challenge (Afternoon McGriddle)

Test Drive an Expensive Car

Be a Tour Guide at Museum

Sit On Lincoln’s Lap… and More

Exchange Rejection for Smile in DC

Draw Portrait of Strangers (with Dom Rabrun)

Rejections in a New York Minute

Pictures with Strangers

SkyJump off a Building (rejecting my fear)

Play Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock with a Stranger

Skate at Sonic

Get a Ride on a Bucket Truck

Learn a Martial Arts Master’s Favorite Move

Fly a Gyroplane

Play Pick-Up Line Tournament With Random Ladies

Grow a Dollar 10 Times

Borrow a Book From Barnes & Noble

Interviewing a Female Bodybuilder

Give a Speech on the Street

Take a Tour Underneath a Plane

Ask Strangers to Rate My Look

Interview President Obama

How To Have More Confidence

Image Of How To Have More Confidence

Jiang concluded the challenges with 51 Yes’s and 49 No’s. Jiang’s every challenge was covered and uploaded on YouTube. Millions of people watched the videos and their reaction was not expected by Jiang. With every rejection he became even more stronger and the support he got from YouTube community was unbelievable.

After getting all the challenges done Jiang wrote a book about his journey. He also delivered a TED TALK that ranked among the top 200 TED Talks of all time.

To have more confidence, one should step out of his/her comfort zone. Because every rejection can be turned into opportunity when dealt wisely.

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Final Words

100 Days Of Rejection Challenge is worth attempting because it has potential to open up the world for you. To be successful in life you have to conquer the fear of failure and rejection because self-acceptance is the only thing you need in your life.

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