Alumni Assist Group Scam — The Viral Voicemail Scam

If you have received a call or a voice mail from Alumni Assist Group, consider it a scam because it isn’t a legit deal. Here is all you need to know about this suspicious call.

With the technological advancements, Scammers are invading internet websites using different techniques. From scam messages to fake emails and fake internet sites, users are encountering various scams on daily basis.

Some fraudulent people have even, scammed people imitating to be big companies like Amazon and Toyota. Using various techniques, scammers can even get access to your important credentials including bank cards, social media account passwords and they can even trace your home address.

Netizens have now reported a new scam. According to them, a female named Britney Price calls them and says that she can help them with a “student aid forgiveness program”. Let’s discover what it is all about.

What Is Alumni Assist Group Scam

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The new scamming game has targeted the users using a new technique. This time they are calling you or dropping a voice mail saying that they are associated with a “student aid forgiveness program”. They further add that if you would call her back immediately only then she can help you with the student aid forgiveness program as it is a first come first serve based program.

If you haven’t received such voice mail/call yet, then here is the transcript they usually use for this scam.

“It’s Britney Price calling again from alumni assist group my agent ID is 1769 and my number is *** I was calling back to let you know that your student aid is still qualified for the forgiveness program but we only have a few limited openings left available so call back soon to finalize the details as I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity and again my number is *** you can ***”

Some users have also reported that Britney Price has also referred to herself as Vanessa Miller in some cases. So, in case you get such a call or a voice mail then just remember that only official government agencies deal with these types of student forgiveness loans.

Therefore, if any anonymous person tries to get connected to you referring him/herself as a student aid facilitator then simply ignore them. You should also report and block that phone number.

How To Avoid Alumni Assist Group Scam

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A similar message was received to another user from the USA. He also stated that he was left with a message that reads:

“HI it’s Vanessa Miller from AlumnI Assist Group, my agent ID is 1688 and my number is 888-573-1168. I was calling to let you know that your student aid is qualified for the forgiveness program. We may be able to grant you a partial or a full forgiveness package.

But just you know this program has limited openings and is on a first come first serve basis. So call back soon to finalize the details and again my phone number is 888-573-1168. You can talk to me or any other reps to finalize your file thank you. To be added to our do not call list call 888-525-0948”

After the call being received to so many other users, they have taken it to various social media platforms to make the other users aware about it. They have also advised the Netizens to avoid contacting such companies.

To avoid the scam, simply do not rely on the information they provide. Also, make sure not to share your important credentials. It is also important for people to understand that a legit company never calls you on your personal number. Instead, they will prefer to send you an email from their official email address.

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Final Verdict

After snooping on various websites we have come to the conclusion that Alumni Assist Group is a scam call. So, users should not share any important credentials to such anonymous phone calls.

9 thoughts on “Alumni Assist Group Scam — The Viral Voicemail Scam”

  1. Not only are they scammers but when you call back to ask who they are they become very rude and hostile. The also set up another fake website call Buzzdod.

  2. I just got a voicemail on 5/27/21 – From Alumni Assist Group – Kimberly Carter, ID 1688 and phone number 888-719-2341.

  3. I got a call from a Sabrina Williams. After calling back, I asked what his company name was and told him is hard to trust people and he said it makes his job hard. he then asked for my birthday and somehow opened up something with my email address and said he was sending a code to my email and after opening the email it said “do not share this info with anyone” I hung up.

  4. Thats true, when they called me I asked for their address so I could file a harassment complaint against them & they hung up on me. And no legitamate company will hang up on people, so from that action I knew they were scammers. I also called the Federal Student Loan fraud dept & asked them if this company worked for them & they said NO they are scammers, they told me to call the FTC on them which I did.


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