Amazon Kindle Challenge — For Reading Lovers

If you are a book lover then we have good news for you. Amazon has just started its Amazon Kindle Challenge and it is lit. Keep reading and you will get to know all the facts related to this reading challenge.

With the start of year 2021, Amazon has surprised its customers with an amazing challenge. The challenge is comprised of a series of quests, upon completing these quests you can earn certain badges. If you are lucky enough then you would also be able to get $5 in your eBook credit.

The Amazon Kindle challenge has just begun and it will be live till January 31st. To get this credit you will need to earn at least four diamond badges before this challenge expires. The purpose of this challenge is to develop a habit of reading among people. Similar challenge is also offered by Kobo on their e-readers. Let’s dive into detail to learn all the limitations and all other information about this trending challenge.

What Is Amazon Kindle Challenge

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Amazon Kindle Challenge is an amazing surprise by Amazon to the book lovers. The challenge has begun with the New Year and it will last till end of January. The challenge asks people to read as much as books they can. Upon reading the books, you will be given a promotional credit that you can use for your next book purchase.

To add extra credit to your wallet, you have to earn four diamond-shaped badges between 1st of January to 31st January 2021. If you want to know how these badges can be earned then all you need to do is click on the click on the “information” icon next to each badge. Once you complete the challenge of earning these four badges, $5 will be added to your eBook credit.

Kindle Reading Challenge 2021

Image Of Kindle Reading Challenge 2021

Readers should note that the challenge is available only for the US readers. No outsiders or marketers will be able to avail this offer. The eBook credit you have earned will be added to your account by February 15, 2021. For the confirmation of credit you will receive an email from Amazon.

The badges based on reading will be applied to Kindle books purchased or borrowed from It may also include Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading and read on Kindle E-reader, the Kindle app, or Kindle Cloud Reader.

The easiest way to earn the credit is to follow an author while dark mode activated on Kindle e-reader. Using the Kindle app, you have to set a reading goal and then borrow an eBook from Prime Reading. You can just spend 10 minutes daily till a month, to complete the quests and earn the credit.

Kindle Reading Challenge January 2021

When asked about the invitation feature, or how someone can be invited to the challenge program, Amazon has replied using the following words.

“We don’t have anything to share on the process but eligible participants would have received an email invitation. They can also log-in to their Kindle profile to determine eligibility.”

Readers should also know that the Kindle Lending Library program has ended its services from January 4th this year. This program launched by Amazon has been a popular program for a long period of 10 years. The popularity declined when another similar program known as Prime Reading was launched in 2016.

Launched in 2011, the Kindle Lending Library program was only offered to Prime Members initially. Though Amazon has not announced the discontinuation of products or service, but they did it for this one.

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Final Remarks

This was all about the Amazon Kindle Challenge. Hope you have got enough information about this incredible reading challenge. Wish you all of luck for the extra credit!

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