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Predestined Marriage is a novel about Summer and Leonardo. Start from Chapter 1 or read online PDF version for free. Find out how the story unfolds from the beginning to end.

The step-sister of the novel’s female protagonist doesn’t want to marry her rumored ugly and crippled fiancé. To save the family from the wrath and anger of the powerful family of the groom, her own biological mother kneels down and begs her, “Your sister deserves better, please help her.”

She is chilled to the bone to hear her mother plead. In the end, she gives in to the persistent begging and nods to marry in place of her sister. Thus the story of the Predestined Marriage begins.

Predestined Marriage

Image of Predestined Marriage

In the novel, on her wedding night, as she is waiting for her ugly and impotent rumored husband, a handsome man enters, frowns at her, and states, “You are ugly!”

She thought that they would respect each other as husband and wife from the very start. But unexpectedly, he swore a direct oath of sovereignty. “No matter how ugly you are, you are still my girl.”

She looks at him and hardly speaks out, “Are you not impotent/ crippled?”

The man uncovers her camouflage, layer by layer looks at her otherwise attractive and beautiful face, and smiles evilly. “It seems that we have misunderstood each other.” From here, the story takes an unexpected course for her.

Predestined Marriage Novel

This novel brings the tale of a girl who lives like an alien among a happy family. Today, she is asked to make a sacrifice that will change the course of her life. To please the family that has never owned her, she will be asked to marry a man dreaded by the whole city.

As you read online from Chapter 1, the female protagonist of this novel lives with her biological mother and step-siblings. The dwelling is the home of her late father who married her mom as the second wife. Surprisingly, her mother is attached more to her step-siblings more than her.

Today, the mother has come to her, to ask for a favor for her half-sister. This half-sister was engaged to a rich unknown man. Later when the people from that powerful house and family came for her, she was already aware of the nature and kind of a person her fiancé was.

Predestined Marriage Novel Summer and Leonardo

Consequently, she decided to not marry him. Now, for this girl’s family, sending the people empty-handed is not an option. They are commanding and very influential. Saying no to them means asking for death.

Thus her mother has come to her. It is time to sacrifice this girl to the beast. The man is famous as the ugliest, crippling and impotent in the whole city. He was taken away by some unknown people ten years ago.

When he finally returned, the captors had disfigured him and made him crippled in the sensitive place, according to the rampant rumors. Likewise, you read the PDF of this novel it will become obvious for you that this was the idea about the man in society.

Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1

Nobody had seen him in the social circles or at any public place in the city ever after. All that is know is rumors and words of mouth. He lives in a mysterious mansion and never comes out to a place where people can see him.

Moreover, Pestered by the constant pleading and lack of any warmth in this household, the female protagonist finally decides to take the chance. Although the impression of the man is not promising, there is nothing better at this home either.

For her, it is better to give luck a chance. Thus she Okays the non-stop requests from mother when the people sent by the mysterious man were about to barge in. She goes empty-handed without a marriage ceremony to that house.

Predestined Marriage Novel PDF

In this story of a marriage that appears predestined for her, she is taken to a room in the house where she awaits the encounter with the phantom of the city. As the encounter nears with the dusk and darkening of the sky her heart unsettles expecting the uncertainty of what is to come ahead.

Soon a handsome and tall man enters the room. As he finds her dumbfounded, he pretends to be the cousin of the groom she is expecting. From now onwards begin the playful tinkering of this man with her heart, feelings, and emotions.

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Predestined Marriage Novel Read Online

A whole lot of unexpected surprises await her as she spends time in this house. To find out what happens next, you will have to read the full story. You can start from any chapter including Chapter 1. Get the novel PDF or read online for free. The choice is yours.

The story of Summer and Leonardo begins with an unexpected opening. The novel will give you how the misunderstanding can change our thinking about matter. It could even sometimes make the situation worse for us.

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